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Perhaps you grew up dreaming of receiving your Hogwarts letter, or stumbling upon Narnia. Perhaps you long to visit Pemberley, to Defy Gravity, or to go to the ball. I will write you that letter, and build you that wardrobe. [A metaphorical wardrobe, that is.] Here you will find step-by-step lesson plans with takeaway homework assignments that show you how to embody fictional heroines in the everyday. This means chasing your dreams and making the impossible happen with your own inner magic.

For the full experience, you can Own Your Story, or request letters from Jane Austen.

You have the potential. Heroine Training provides the tools.

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21 Things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro Break

21 Things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro Break

I swear by the Pomodoro Technique for getting things done.

The basic premise is that you work for a concentrated 25 minutes, take a 2-5 minute break, then dive back in for another Pomodoro (For the uninitiated, I explain this in more detail here!). 

So what to do on those 2-5 minute breaks? 

Well, since I Pomodoro every day, I’ve taken notes on some creative ways to spend those slices of time. Here are 21 things to do on a Pomodoro Break, wherever you may be taking it!

21 Things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro Break

Order a coffee. Order food and drink one at a time to spread out the treats, and because you might change your mind. Plus at Starbucks you get points per transaction rather than how much you spend.

Leaf through a magazine: at uni I carried British Vogue in my bag along with all my books! These days I like working in cafés that provide cool magazines (Filament, Lovecrumbs). Even better if you’re in a library! Get up and browse.

Look around you. People watch.

Have a Graze snack.

Dance break! At uni my roommate Kat and I would work at our desks until one of us declared it Taylor Time.

Singing break! See above, add guitar.

21 Things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro Break

Update your time tracker. If you’re tracking your time, or your habits, a Pomodoro break is a great time to catch up on your notes.

Put on a load of laundry. Pressing start feels SO productive.

Take deep breaths.

Stretch. Self massage. Head massage.

Take a break from screens: If you’ve been working on the computer, close your laptop or turn off your monitor and give your eyes a rest. 

Write ideas in a notebook. 

Get up. Use the bathroom. Refill your water. 

Send a Facebook sticker to your best friend: My favourites are Bibimbap Friends, Opi, Rilakkuma, Yarukizero, and the classic, Pusheen.

21 Things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro Break

Savour a single delicious chocolate truffle. Chocolate meditation is the best meditation.

Read something quick: a poem, essay, or chapter of The War of Art or Daily Rituals.

Have a chat: but be sure to time it if you can’t afford to get distracted!

Clean up the files on your desktop.

Moisturize your hands with your favourite lotion

Leave a review or comment on a podcast you listened to recently. I usually listen on the go, and keep a list of things I want to comment on once I sit down. Podcasts give me a sense of community, and sharing my thoughts makes me feel even more involved.

Write a birthday card. Perhaps my favourite way to take a break lately! Keep upcoming birthday cards tucked in your planner, and spend 2ish minutes scribbling in a heartfelt note to a friend. It feels great, and productive too!

What do you do on a Pomodoro break? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Pomodoro my friend timeI even . Yes you read that right.

Defining Success for Yourself: Oscar Season Edition

Defining Success for Yourself: Oscar Season Edition

When I was little it was a treat to stay up late to watch The Oscars.

The glamour, the fashion, the cinematic stories celebrated – I loved every minute.

But the ceremony can also put pressure on me, making me question what have I done that’s of any merit.

Below you’ll find the replay our webinar, Defining Success for Yourself: Oscar Season Edition.

No sales pitch – just checking in on our dreams and progress, and sharing our insights with you! I’m joined by professional actress Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell in discussion on:

🌟 Why the dazzling awards season is inspiring, and how we can best channel its excitement in our own passion projects
🌟 How to identify what you really want to achieve, and what that red carpet and gold statue have to do with it
🌟 How to celebrate your progress and successes

P.S. If this webinar resonated with you, you might enjoy my free Broadway Bootcamp training, which breaks this stuff down into more actionable chunks. Enjoy!

Franklin, Tennessee / Fit for a Heroine

Things to do in Franklin, Tennessee / Travel Guide Fit for a Heroine
a heroine’s travel guide to Franklin, Tennessee / by Kathryn Marr

Nashville is a city of dreamers, a refuge for those wanting to break away from the norm and forge their own path. Tucked away just a few miles south of downtown Nashville is the idyllic, storybook town of Franklin. It’s a historic getaway, founded in 1799, and named after founding father, Benjamin Franklin. Whether you’re a connoisseur of local food, a history buff, a nature lover, or a small business supporter, you’ll love getting lost in the beauty of Franklin!

Things to do in Franklin, Tennessee / Travel Guide Fit for a Heroine

Grab a latte and bagel sandwich at Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey, a favorite among locals, is the perfect place to start your day! Try their iconic white monkey mocha – a blend of white chocolate, banana, espresso, and milk that you can’t find anywhere else. And if you’d like a little something to eat, the Plain Jane is to die for. Get it on a freshly made everything bagel, and add locally produced Benton’s bacon for a gourmet kick. Make sure to keep an eye out for celebrities! Country music stars like Keith Urban are known to stop in frequently.

Take a Tour of The Carter House & Carnton Plantation

Be transported back to the last great battle of the Civil War – the Battle of Franklin! In 1864, the Federal army defeated the Confederates in what was considered the bloodiest battle in the Civil War. The plantation was frequented since by the likes of Andrew Jackson, and others who forged the future of America.

On your tour, you’ll explore the grounds and outbuildings of the historic site. Or, you can purchase specialty tours to learn even more about the interior of the homes, or the battlefields.

Things to do in Franklin, Tennessee / Travel Guide Fit for a Heroine

Grab Big Shake’s Hot Chicken and Fish to go and picnic at Pinkerton Park

Nashville hot chicken is a must, and the local hole-in-the-wall, Big Shake’s, is the best place to find it! The 3 jumbo tenders plate with coleslaw and French fries will make for an excellent picnic to take out to Pinkerton Park. Sprawl out on the grass, or enjoy your food at one of the covered picnic tables. Then, burn off some calories by hiking across the Harpeth River, and up to Fort Granger, a historical Civil War site.

Go shopping in downtown Franklin.

Little downtown Franklin will remind you of Once Upon a Time’s Storybrooke! Spend some time wandering down the streets and popping into all of the businesses.  You’ll find charming local décor and clothing, gardening tools, and handcrafted stationary. Definitely a must see in the little town!

Things to do in Franklin, Tennessee / Travel Guide Fit for a Heroine

Get your hands dirty at Noble Springs Dairy.

Feel like an 1800’s farmer at this local goat and dairy farm. Learn about the farm animals, tour the facilities, and get a hands-on view of cheese making. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to sample and purchase their artisanal cheeses, soaps, fudge, and yogurt.

Get dinner at Cork & Cow.

Start with their delicious butternut squash fritters (served with Parmesan, and a Garlic-sage Yogurt!), then move onto any of their top-cut wood grilled steaks. The locally-brewed Yazoo Gerst Ale is a great compliment to the steak, and if you’re feeling fancy, their crème brulee is to die for!

Things to do in Franklin, Tennessee / Travel Guide Fit for a Heroine

End the night with a movie at the historic Franklin Theatre.

You’ll be charmed and romanced by this restored theater from 1937. With all the benefits of modern technology, and the unmistakable memories of 1930’s moviegoers, it’s the perfect way to end a day in Franklin. If you didn’t partake in dessert after dinner (or if you have a sweet tooth!) delight in the local chocolates from the Showtime chocolate bar, right in the theater.

So have fun traveling back in time to the Civil War, or pretending you’re lost in a fairytale while wandering the streets of downtown Franklin. I promise that you’ll find the perfect getaway from everyday life! Happy wandering!

Things to do in Franklin, Tennessee / Travel Guide Fit for a HeroineKathryn Marr is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Blue Ivory Creative, a digital marketing company based out of Nashville, TN. A graphic and web designer, as well as social media manager, she brings a passion for entrepreneurship and creativity to the table. Kathryn loves helping people pursue their dreams and be successful doing what they love to do.

Is your hometown the perfect fit for a heroine? I’m always looking for fabulous locals to contribute to this Fit for a Heroine travel guide series. If you’re interested in writing for Heroine Training, read the guidelines and get in touch.