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…where dreams meet reality, where fiction is cherished, where magic is real. Here you will find lessons on how to embody fictional heroines in the everyday, and most of all, how to be your own heroine.

What we do here

It is one thing to curl up with a good book and live vicariously through its heroine. It is another to be a heroine yourself.

Did you grow up entranced by Narnia, inspired by Disney, utterly consumed by Harry Potter? Perhaps, like I, you were told that these interests were “for fun”, when really, reflecting on my childhood and my choices, the combination of these fictional worlds have shaped my own.

Heroines exist in reality, not just in the pages of books. I believe that becoming your own heroine is simply a matter of declaring it. If you’ve spent your life in literature, chances are, you have already learned how to be a heroine. What I’m here to do is show you how to access that knowledge within – no saturated self help or personal development jargon necessary!

Heroine Training embraces fiction as necessary and relevant to reality. It’s for anyone accused of having one’s nose stuck in a book, who wants to prove to the world that such book-consumption is important and empowering.



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About the Headmistress

I’m Xandra, Gryffindor, minimalist, and INTJ. Raised in Boston, I followed my dream across the pond to read English at Oxford. I now live in Edinburgh, Scotland, a medieval storybook city. If I were two Disney characters, I would be Lady from Lady and the Tramp and Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph.


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Official Bio

Xandra Robinson-Burns is a writer on a mission to unite fiction and reality. She graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in English Language & Literature, and delivered the TEDx talk, “How Harry Potter Saved My Life” at the University of Edinburgh, where she earned her master’s degree in Theatre and Performance Studies.

As a Hogwarts Personal Development Professor, Xandra runs Lumos Your Life, a programme on lighting up your daily rituals and crafting your magical mission. She is the author of Own Your Story: A Heroine’s Handbook, and hosts literary tea parties across the globe, as featured in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Xandra has been a media presence as a Harry Potter fan from her appearance on Boston television at age 11 to her profile as a superfan in The Guardian at age 25.

Xandra is from Boston, Massachusetts, and currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with her pet dinosaur, Little Guy, her unicorn, Lyra, and her Monkey, Steve.

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