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Oct 28 2022

I went a little viral on TikTok 😳 I woke up to 15K views on my Taylor Swift Song of the Week video, and over a hundred comments from spiritual Swifties resonating with my message from invisible string. 🥰🥰🥰 It seems — dare I say — fateful that this is the reading that would succeed, because […]

You Don’t Have to Try So Hard 🥰

Apr 26 2022

Cracking open a new notebook brings with it the relief of a fresh start. A new beginning offers opportunity to do it better this time. But there is a preciousness around pristine pages, soon to be tainted with handwritten typos, eraser smudges, and spots of spilled coffee. It’s been a few months since I set […]

A Few Mistakes Ago

Apr 18 2022

Who are your favourite fictional couples? What fictional love stories inspire you? Grace asked me these questions, and it spun into my return to The Art Life podcast as a guest! On this special episode, I talk with Grace about love stories, the power of sincerity, and desire for slow-burning love in a fast-paced world. Create the […]

Choose Your Own Love Story

Apr 12 2022

If I were a cartoon character, my catchphrase would be “Wanna see my Passion Planner?” 😆So, I made my new YouTube video with a lovely ritual in mind: if we were meeting for tea, what planning practices would I be most excited to share with you this week?My fellow analog fans will know the specific struggle […]

Practical & Pretty Passion Planner Tip

Apr 04 2022

fridge door decoration, a poem

How to Decorate Your Fridge Like a Vision Board

Mar 24 2022

Just for fun, I interviewed myself as if I were in my favourite annual edition of Fast Company: The Most Productive People issue. 😉

if i were in Fast Company

Mar 18 2022

Long story short — a new month in Everyday Wonderland begins in 2 days. Join us now for our March mission: Flow & Let Go.  Dear Reader, Consider Queen Elsa’s journey of self-discovery, from Frozen 1 to Frozen 2. Frozen 1: Cloaked, gloved, taught to conceal don’t feel. She races to the woods, initiates a […]

Are You Frozen 1 or Frozen 2?

Mar 04 2022

Every moment holds the possibility of becoming a mini adventure.And the busier you are? the more important it is for you to seek wonder in the corners of your day :)Whether you have 60 seconds or 60 minutes to spare, you can turn it into a mini adventure.In 3 simple steps, I’ll show you how, in […]

3 Steps to Mini Adventure

Feb 22 2022