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On certain occasions, we are prompted to think about self-improvement. The New Year, birthdays, or, for me, whenever I’m on an airplane. Well, actually, I think about self-improvement and habit-building constantly. But especially on airplanes. What is your ideal daily routine? I jotted down some ideas for mine on a recent flight: The top section includes […]

How to Choose a New Year’s Resolution

Dec 31 2013

Here are the Very Best books, theatre, and film I consumed this year. In each category, the list is in chronological order, with links to previous posts if relevant. Enjoy! BOOKS For a mindful glimpse into minimalism, read A Day in the Life of a Minimalist by Joshua Fields Milburn. To tackle your creative fears and just […]

2013: My Favorite Everythings

Dec 30 2013

We’ve reached that awkward lull of the holidays. Christmas was awesome and an excellent excuse to relax, and New Year’s is far enough away that we can’t celebrate yet. It’s time to catch up on stuff, to use that extra time we were craving, but at the same time we’re full from Christmas dinner…still. Simple […]

Simple Fix: Write Your Thank You Notes Now (Plus, Minimalist Christmas Haul)

Dec 27 2013

 1. Magic Kingdom For a merry Christmas in the Magic Kingdom, I wore a Minnie Mouse-inspired outfit of Commando dotted tights, my Ms Pac Man dress from Jones & Jones, topped with my signature Crown & Glory bow. Also, meet Jack, my elephant. 2. Hollywood Studios / Animal Kingdom First I met my heroes, Ralph […]

Wardrobe Weekly: Disney World Outfits!

Dec 26 2013

This is my box of gift wrap. I save tissue paper from stores, reusable gift wrap from presents I receive, and other fashionable bags. See the pink and tassel-patterned one from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum above! The gift wrap is contained in an IKEA storage box that lives in my desk. I keep only […]

Wrap Gifts Like a Minimalist

Dec 24 2013

As a kid, when the Christmas boxes came upstairs from the basement, the most exciting one was the box of books: nostalgic classics like The Polar Express and Courduroy’s Christmas, as well as other random books that maybe no one else had heard of, but were special because they were there every year. As I got […]

You Simply Must: Read Let It Snow

Dec 23 2013

Whether at Wyndstock or high tea, a Christmas market, or a final exam, Simple Fix: Bring a Unicorn. She will make everyone – especially you – happier. P.S. Did you know that a group of unicorns is called a “blessing”?  

Simple Fix: Bring a Unicorn

Dec 20 2013

1. Purple Girl Group For my first Blue Man Group experience, bathed in purple light above, I went Christmas classy. Why it’s Fashionably Light: I’m wearing my mom’s old Jos. A. Bank blazer, now back in oversized style. My cashmere leggings are a cold weather miracle. I wear them as pajamas and on especially chilly days […]

Wardrobe Weekly: Boston Christmastime

Dec 19 2013

Declutter Queen: Andria Andria blogs about seeking adventure over at Anchors and Freedom. Her post on “How Living Minimally is Helping Me Live Minimally” caught my eye. Here’s her de-clutter story and some pictures of her minimalist apartment! ★ What prompted your newfound minimal lifestyle? The idea of minimalism has been something I’ve been attracted to forever. […]

Declutter Queen: Andria

Dec 17 2013