Waking Up, Morning Routines, and Passion Planner

Waking Up, Morning Routines, and Passion Planner

“What is your morning routine?”

Ah, always a personal development hot topic! I get asked about my morning ritual all the time, so in this video I talk about what motivates me to get up in the morning, how I transition into my day, and what I prioritise as part of my morning ritual.

Do I write my daily routine in my Passion Planner every single day?

In short, yes! I explain why, and run through more of my Passion Planning habits.

Waking Up, Morning Routines, and Passion Planner

Waking Up, Morning Routines, and Passion Planner


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So what have you been doing with your mornings lately?

Give Yourself Space for Creativity

Give Yourself Space for Creativity

I get my best ideas in the mountains. 

Or even on a long car journey to the mountains.

I am most creative on an early Monday morning. 

I keep a notepad nearby to jot down ideas, and the page fills up by my first Pomodoro. I may be most productive on a Friday afternoon, with the urgency of my personal deadline looming, but I’m most creative on a Monday, with the whole week ahead of me. My mind has freedom to roam.

Give Yourself Space for Creativity

What mountains and Mondays have in common [besides the letter M] is SPACE.

On a long journey, my mind has time to be free. To let go of tasks. To exhaust busyness and let my mind wander. No obligations, no distractions.

On a Monday I can stretch out. I have a sense of unhurried-ness. Calling it procrastination would be stifling; what it really is is possibility. The dam is unblocked and the flood of ideas pours through: I could do so many things! 

By the end of the week I am too focused on crunch time. 

I push those thoughts out of my head before they hit the page – sometimes before they are even fully formed. They probably get pushed to the Monday part of my brain; I don’t know how that works.

Realisations like this remind me of why I’m a minimalist. 

Minimalism is having space to explore and freedom to breath. When my home is tidy, my eyes don’t dart around to the clutter. When my wardrobe is tiny, I work solely with pieces I love. Minimalism makes it easier to focus, but it also provides the space essential for creativity: fewer choices, fewer things to remember, more time and space for creativity to seep in. 

P.S. There’s more on my minimalist journey and how it opened up room for opportunity in my ebook, Own Your Story.

21 Things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro Break

21 Things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro Break

I swear by the Pomodoro Technique for getting things done.

The basic premise is that you work for a concentrated 25 minutes, take a 2-5 minute break, then dive back in for another Pomodoro (For the uninitiated, I explain this in more detail here!). 

So what to do on those 2-5 minute breaks? 

Well, since I Pomodoro every day, I’ve taken notes on some creative ways to spend those slices of time. Here are 21 things to do on a Pomodoro Break, wherever you may be taking it!

21 Things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro Break

Order a coffee. Order food and drink one at a time to spread out the treats, and because you might change your mind. Plus at Starbucks you get points per transaction rather than how much you spend.

Leaf through a magazine: at uni I carried British Vogue in my bag along with all my books! These days I like working in cafés that provide cool magazines (Filament, Lovecrumbs). Even better if you’re in a library! Get up and browse.

Look around you. People watch.

Have a Graze snack.

Dance break! At uni my roommate Kat and I would work at our desks until one of us declared it Taylor Time.

Singing break! See above, add guitar.

21 Things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro Break

Update your time tracker. If you’re tracking your time, or your habits, a Pomodoro break is a great time to catch up on your notes.

Put on a load of laundry. Pressing start feels SO productive.

Take deep breaths.

Stretch. Self massage. Head massage.

Take a break from screens: If you’ve been working on the computer, close your laptop or turn off your monitor and give your eyes a rest. 

Write ideas in a notebook. 

Get up. Use the bathroom. Refill your water. 

Send a Facebook sticker to your best friend: My favourites are Bibimbap Friends, Opi, Rilakkuma, Yarukizero, and the classic, Pusheen.

21 Things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro Break

Savour a single delicious chocolate truffle. Chocolate meditation is the best meditation.

Read something quick: a poem, essay, or chapter of The War of Art or Daily Rituals.

Have a chat: but be sure to time it if you can’t afford to get distracted!

Clean up the files on your desktop.

Moisturize your hands with your favourite lotion

Leave a review or comment on a podcast you listened to recently. I usually listen on the go, and keep a list of things I want to comment on once I sit down. Podcasts give me a sense of community, and sharing my thoughts makes me feel even more involved.

Write a birthday card. Perhaps my favourite way to take a break lately! Keep upcoming birthday cards tucked in your planner, and spend 2ish minutes scribbling in a heartfelt note to a friend. It feels great, and productive too!

What do you do on a Pomodoro break? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Pomodoro my friend timeI even . Yes you read that right.