Beauty and the Beast Review & Mrs Potts Outfit

Beauty and the Beast Review & Mrs Potts Outfit

Obviously I would be dressing up for the Beauty and the Beast premiere.

I thought about what I own in blue and yellow, because, you know, those dresses by that character, but I couldn’t come up with a Belle-inspired Disneybound that would be creative and specific enough to consider Dressing Up.

And so I reverted to my usual trend of characters with round accessories: Captain America’s shield, R2D2’s head, and now, Mrs Potts and her lid!

You might have seen my Mrs Potts-inspired outfit, and the behind-the-scenes process on Instagram.

Beauty and the Beast Review & Mrs Potts Outfit

How to make the Mrs Potts Fascinator & Belt

I didn’t buy anything new for this project, working instead with found objects around my parents’ house.

The fascinator is a paper plate, red on one side (shhh no one can see…) and white on the other. I used a lavender sharpie to turn it Mrs Potts purple.

Next I affixed a yellow ribbon around the edge of the plate in a zigzag pattern. I started using glue, but it was taking a while to dry and got a bit messy, so I switched to double-stick tape, which proved more efficient.

I was looking for a pink pompom for the top, but couldn’t find one, so used a pipe cleaner instead. The good thing is I could poke a hole through the centre of the plate and hold the pipe cleaner ball in place. I then stuck a bit more ribbon on around the pink top.

I borrowed a yellow hairband, and attached the fascinator to it with a thick piece of parcel tape.

Beauty and the Beast Review & Mrs Potts Outfit

For the finishing touch, I did a quick DIY belt, drawing on the teapot base’s pattern onto a white ribbon in sharpie. This didn’t look quite finished, so I used more double-stick tape to add matching yellow ribbon to the top and bottom of the white belt.

My Kate Spade wedding dress has become my go-to canvas for these Disney-inspired outfits – I had previously paired it with my R2D2 fascinator. Just add an afternoon at Sweet, and the image is complete!

As for the film…

Here are my thoughts on Live Action Beauty & the Beast!

Have you seen the new Beauty & the Beast? What did you think?

P.S. For more on how dressing up can make you feel like your own heroine, RSVP for my free webinar with Kitty Cavalier, Dressing the Part: Express Yourself like a Leading Lady through Adornment.

Polygamy & Fandoms

Polygamy & Fandoms

I turned to a random page in my Writer’s Block for a prompt and landed on polygamy.

So here is my video about polygamy, fandoms, and how it’s totally cool to like lots of different things.

Usually in fiction we get characters with one certain interest, for the sake of the narrative. Even Harry has one hobby in Quidditch, although I do appreciate how he balances it with homework and Voldemort stuff.

So fiction isn’t the best place to turn for inspiration on juggling interests.

I remember how Harry Potter fans turned to Twilight, High School Musical (?), and then The Hunger Games, and how that made me feel sad and then angry at the source of what was taking my fellow fans away. 

But you guys. It’s not a competition. We are all nerds. We can be different kinds of nerd, and we can share our individual love with many things.

This is something I talk about in my book, Own Your Story, in which I grapple with being a climber but not only a climber.

I love Harry Potter and Jane Austen and Punchdrunk immersive theatre. And Survivor. I don’t have to make sense. In fact I like to think my disparate interests make me more interesting. Just like your random interests make you more interesting. 

More random stuff I’m obsessed with these days: 

What about you? 

A Heroine’s Questionnaire / 002

A Heroine's Questionnaire / 002

Ready for another personality survey?

I had so much fun crafting the first Heroine’s Questionnaire, so the format is back for round 2! You can copy-paste your answers on your blog, in an email to friends, or even on MySpace! 😉  If you choose to share, leave me a link in the comments so I can check out your answers and include your responses in the roundup (if you choose)!


What you read for motivation

Favourite song for a dance party

Last song purchased

The colour of your nails

Favourite snack

Favourite time of day

What irks you

Magazine you leafed through last

Best colour highlighter

Favourite tv show when you were 5? 10? 15?

Farthest you’ve travelled

If you were a marine animal you would be

Current desktop wallpaper

Favourite day of the week

Preferred bedtime

Next on your to read pile

If you had to eat one cuisine for the rest of your life

Last time you were at an airport

Meet New Heroines

If you publish your answers to the questionnaire, let me know and I’ll add a link! You can also find my responses in the Heroines in Training Facebook group.