My Favourite Blogs: 2015

My Favourite Blogs: 2015
Every year, I dedicate some space to my favourite blogs I’ve been reading. Here are my favourite blogs I read in 2015!


For Daily Consumption

So many blogs have shifted to infrequent posting, but some remain prolific, maintaining quality AND quantity!

💖 Forever Amber – my fellow Scottish resident and midi skirt enthusiast, Amber has super chic style, inspiring blogging advice, and seems like she’s having a lot of fun at the same time.

🐶 The College Prepster – makes me nostalgic for New England life! Plus, great recommendations for seasonal activities, books, and films [and a cute doggie too].

👑 Career Girl Daily – for getting pumped about professionalism

For Aesthetic Inspiration

Basically, I want to live in their blogs because they are pretty.


☕️ Me and Orla – Sara’s latest project chronicling her life with her daughter Orla is magical countryside tranquility. Her free digital Instagram retreat seriously upped my Instagram game too.

💕 Scathingly Brilliant – a true pastel princess who embodies the phrase “geek chic”. She dresses up her action figures seasonally, and regularly frequents Disney.

For Everything Else

Just useful. And awesome.


🌟Yes and Yes – Pretty much everything Sarah writes is exactly what I need at the time. Her latest: a free guide to meeting people and making friends.


Heroines I Met This Week / 007

Heroines I Met This Week / 007
in a book / / Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain is transcendental magic that makes me want to frolic in the woods.
on a blog / / Discovered Hiya Tootsie, which is just plain fun. A Dream-Chasing playlist? Count me in.
in a song / / Early summer means time for Charlene Kaye.

on a podcast / / Oh my gosh guys. Two words: Animation Addicts! You know how I feel about Disney. And how I’m a general geek for animation. Finally found somewhere to fuel my passion.
on netflix / / Pretty Little Liars is BACK. If you’re watching, please let’s talk about the latest episode okay?! Also, how gorgeous is their tea party above? That’s what I’m trying to channel in the Secret Garden, everyone.
on survivor / / just finished watching Exile Island in preparation for Second Chance, which just started filming! Of course I love Cirie, and does anyone else see that pre-merge boot Misty looks like a cross between Amanda Kimmel and Parvati? uhhhh #superfan.
on instagram / / @hellosandwich makes me huuuuungry
in the cinema / / Tomorrowland completely warmed my heart. “Dreamers need to stick together!”
in edinburgh / / Maison de Moggy‘s moved around the corner from me! Kitty time on demand.
Leave a comment to talk Pretty Little Liars please. (Or whatever. But mostly Pretty Little Liars).

Heroines I Met This Week / 006

Heroines I Met This Week / 005
in a book // Giving my childhood some closure by reading the last book in the Artemis Fowl series. Holly Short has still got it.


on a blog // Light By Coco, aka most fashionable minimalist Slytherin on the Internet, is back from her vlogging vacation!


in a song // How adorable and talented are these sisters covering Beyoncé?

on netflix // As a James Franco and Ashley Benson fan, I’d been meaning to watch Spring Breakers for a while. And man it is a strange, uncomfortable film. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it, but I think I love it, and if anything there are some crazy strong heroines in it. [emphasis on the crazy].


on instagram // Aesthetics to a t: @designlovefest
Heroines I Met This Week / 005


on a podcast // If you watch Survivor, and don’t listen to Rob Has a Podcast, you should. The lady-guests have been killing it lately: Denise, Sandra, Sophie, Kass…so great.


in the cinema // Go see Far From the Madding Crowd. Just do it. Carey Mulligan excels as boss lady Bathseba.
in edinburgh // I met Nell the friendly border collie when the Therapets visited my uni. Fifteen minutes of stress-relieving petting.

Now it’s time to meet you! Introduce yourself in the comments and you might appear here in our next edition 🙂
P.S. I met Gossip Girl far more than a week ago, but there is always the excuse for a rerun, especially in chunky necklaces with my mama. Happy mother’s day! 🙂