Sunday Sampling / 060

Sunday Sampling / 060

Hello from Stansted Airport! I’m typing to you on the way to Berlin, to earn my New Country badge from this year’s Birthday List.

From the road I’ve been piecing together the finishing touches for this summer’s Leading Lady campers. There is still a little bit of time left to join us – you can read more about my online confidence camp here.

I’ve also opened registration for two more tea parties, so if you’re in San Francisco or Bristol, I’d love to meet you in person!

This week’s roundup of Sunday Sampling links practically wrote itself. I’ve been reading such captivating and thought-provoking things lately! How about you?


💕 the important, voluntary nature of friendship: How Friendships Change in Adulthood < fascinating!

📚 Sam has one of the coolest jobs ever: she’s a book buying consultant for parents. (ahhhh i know right!) Here is her extensive and beautifully organised master children’s booklist of essential topics from ‘the alphabet’ to ‘understanding differences’.

📱 Smartphones are the New Cigarettes. OBSESSED with this idea.

🎧  So surreal to hear two of my favourite people on the same podcast. I adore Kerrin’s idea of redefining cool, and Sarah has this knack for asking just the right questions.

🍃 Still figuring out my “seasons” of work, of intentional hustle, as Jen calls it! Love this concept.

🌟 You know I’m crazy for personality quizzes. My latest favourite is the Brand Persona quiz. It’s bright, easy-as-Buzzfeed, and yet so spot on and useful.

💖  So many off-beat magical ideas for making your bedroom a magical hideaway. Taking notes manically.

👑 Plus on Heroine Training: My secret sauce for facing fear & the top 5 plays that shaped my life

Sunday Sampling / 059

Sunday Sampling / 059

Oh my has it been a busy spring. Since we last Sunday Sampled, I presented my first in-person workshop at the Granger Leadership Academy, founded the Traveling Tea Party Tour, and opened Leading Lady summer camp for registration (oh my goodness I cannot wait to get started with this year’s ensemble!).

And that’s just the business side of things. The Monkey and I also saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, wandered many a Scottish wood, and I discovered the best hot chocolate ever (all of which are documented on Instagram).

It was also my pleasure to be interviewed for Thrive Global about my TEDx experience, and to go live with Natasha Botbijl on living your story. Wow, that’s a lot of links! And we’re just beginning…

My favourite reads lately

✈️ Why your flight attire matters. And while we’re at it, can we all agree on the term ‘flight attire’ over ‘airplane clothes’ please?

💕 15 ways to catch up with friends that aren’t grabbing coffee or a cocktail, such as running errands together, which I now have to try!

🌟 High fives and hugs to my fellow unusual entrepreneurs, especially when met with that ‘what do you do?’ question. Here’s how to survive when it feels like no one ‘gets’ what you do.

🎨 Did you know that actress Jessie Cave (Lavender in the Harry Potter films) is also an amazing illustrator? Her engagement cards are hilarious and adorable.

💚 Here’s a term for your ethical shopping vocab list from Project Just:

We’re always getting questions about H&M, Zara and others. Are they “greenwashing”? (i.e. exaggerating their environmental chops or social practices in an effort to make themselves seem sustainable, and even diverting attention away from negative practices like child labor, or the consumption-driven fast fashion model. Ew.)

🇫🇷 A great idea: learn French by watching cartoons! Consider French Mickey Mouse shorts on my watchlist.

📖 Have you read any of these modern books inspired by Jane Eyre?

👑 Plus on Heroine Training: How to make ‘normal’ happen, Which Passion Planner size is best for you?, and why you should journal to music.

Beauty and the Beast Review & Mrs Potts Outfit

Beauty and the Beast Review & Mrs Potts Outfit

Obviously I would be dressing up for the Beauty and the Beast premiere.

I thought about what I own in blue and yellow, because, you know, those dresses by that character, but I couldn’t come up with a Belle-inspired Disneybound that would be creative and specific enough to consider Dressing Up.

And so I reverted to my usual trend of characters with round accessories: Captain America’s shield, R2D2’s head, and now, Mrs Potts and her lid!

You might have seen my Mrs Potts-inspired outfit, and the behind-the-scenes process on Instagram.

Beauty and the Beast Review & Mrs Potts Outfit

How to make the Mrs Potts Fascinator & Belt

I didn’t buy anything new for this project, working instead with found objects around my parents’ house.

The fascinator is a paper plate, red on one side (shhh no one can see…) and white on the other. I used a lavender sharpie to turn it Mrs Potts purple.

Next I affixed a yellow ribbon around the edge of the plate in a zigzag pattern. I started using glue, but it was taking a while to dry and got a bit messy, so I switched to double-stick tape, which proved more efficient.

I was looking for a pink pompom for the top, but couldn’t find one, so used a pipe cleaner instead. The good thing is I could poke a hole through the centre of the plate and hold the pipe cleaner ball in place. I then stuck a bit more ribbon on around the pink top.

I borrowed a yellow hairband, and attached the fascinator to it with a thick piece of parcel tape.

Beauty and the Beast Review & Mrs Potts Outfit

For the finishing touch, I did a quick DIY belt, drawing on the teapot base’s pattern onto a white ribbon in sharpie. This didn’t look quite finished, so I used more double-stick tape to add matching yellow ribbon to the top and bottom of the white belt.

My Kate Spade wedding dress has become my go-to canvas for these Disney-inspired outfits – I had previously paired it with my R2D2 fascinator. Just add an afternoon at Sweet, and the image is complete!

As for the film…

Here are my thoughts on Live Action Beauty & the Beast!

Have you seen the new Beauty & the Beast? What did you think?

P.S. For more on how dressing up can make you feel like your own heroine, RSVP for my free webinar with Kitty Cavalier, Dressing the Part: Express Yourself like a Leading Lady through Adornment.