Sunday Sampling / 062

What have I been up to? It seems that summer in Edinburgh doesn’t begin until the Festival season in August. Posters have been appearing around the city this week, and I am bracing myself for full-on theatregoing. 

In the midst of all of this, I have an announcement! I’m one of the authors of No Filter, an essay collection about what it means to be a millennial today. My essay is called “Millennial, You’re a Wizard: Hopefulness and the Harry Potter Generation”.

The book is being crowdfunded and published by Unbound, as soon as funds are raised! 

One of the ways you can support the project AND guarantee a spot on this autumn’s Lumos Your Life course is to pledge. There are just two Lumos Your Life spaces available, at a $100 discount, plus you get a copy of the book when it comes out. Pretty good, right?

My Favourite Reads Lately

📖  I’ll admit: when my favourite bookshop, Golden Hare Books, announced their upcoming podcast, I was like, oh no, not another podcast for my feed. But Bibliophile is that good, heroines. After each episode I can’t reach for my pleasure reading fast enough.

💖  How are you spending your life-minutes?

🌟 I’ve watched this like 5 times already and it always fills me with delight. [and peggy!]

💕 I am all for combining your seemingly disparate passions on your blog [I mean look at my blog.]. Sarah breaks down the practicalities of blogging about two different things.

📚 9 books to read to fill the Pretty Little Liars-shaped hole in your heart, aka 9 books I absolutely need right now.

💸  Decide to bring in more money, and more interesting advice from doing a spending diet and earning spree!

❤️  I am totally guilty of fixating too much on my narrative [I mean look at my blog], and not noticing pure experience.

👑  And on Heroine Training, choose where you wish to explore: the Edinburgh Fringe Festival or Barcelona, Spain.

Sunday Sampling / 061

Sunday Sampling / 061

The problem with living in my favourite city is that is spoils travel for me. All other places must compete with my personal bias for my dear, magical Edinburgh.

My tea parties, however, remind me what’s worth traveling for: connecting with the most wonderful people. My San Francisco ladies at the whimsically English Crown & Crumpet pointed me towards their favourite bookshops, and explained the local appreciation for style and costume. The party was even covered in the San Francisco Chronicle

I’m already dreaming of my return visit, and a return to Bristol as well, where we set a place for Jane Austen at our table, because the women who attend these gatherings have the most creative and thoughtful ideas.

I have added a new Edinburgh tea party to the calendar, and in March 2018 I will be a presenter and sponsor at the Granger Leadership Academy (yes, that Granger). This conference captures the values of Hogwarts like no other, and that’s saying something, considering that it does not take place in Edinburgh 😉

my favourite reads lately

🎀 5 ways to style growing out bangs. you have no idea how essential to my life this article is right now.

🌊 do you ever want to throw your phone in the ocean?

🍳 what top models eat for breakfast

🌸 you should always have fresh flowers in your home – and other ideas for allowing yourself to enjoy abundance.

🇦🇺 why australians call each other ‘mate’: fascinating and informative!

💖 habit-changing advice, based on your personality. so so so so useful!

🔮 i love this interpretation on how to read the bottom card of your tarot deck.

👑 plus on heroine training: my little summer adventure list, hogwarts castle on a hill [yes the song!], & 3 things to do instead of multitasking

Sunday Sampling / 060

Sunday Sampling / 060

Hello from Stansted Airport! I’m typing to you on the way to Berlin, to earn my New Country badge from this year’s Birthday List.

From the road I’ve been piecing together the finishing touches for this summer’s Leading Lady campers. There is still a little bit of time left to join us – you can read more about my online confidence camp here.

I’ve also opened registration for two more tea parties, so if you’re in San Francisco or Bristol, I’d love to meet you in person!

This week’s roundup of Sunday Sampling links practically wrote itself. I’ve been reading such captivating and thought-provoking things lately! How about you?


💕 the important, voluntary nature of friendship: How Friendships Change in Adulthood < fascinating!

📚 Sam has one of the coolest jobs ever: she’s a book buying consultant for parents. (ahhhh i know right!) Here is her extensive and beautifully organised master children’s booklist of essential topics from ‘the alphabet’ to ‘understanding differences’.

📱 Smartphones are the New Cigarettes. OBSESSED with this idea.

🎧  So surreal to hear two of my favourite people on the same podcast. I adore Kerrin’s idea of redefining cool, and Sarah has this knack for asking just the right questions.

🍃 Still figuring out my “seasons” of work, of intentional hustle, as Jen calls it! Love this concept.

🌟 You know I’m crazy for personality quizzes. My latest favourite is the Brand Persona quiz. It’s bright, easy-as-Buzzfeed, and yet so spot on and useful.

💖  So many off-beat magical ideas for making your bedroom a magical hideaway. Taking notes manically.

👑 Plus on Heroine Training: My secret sauce for facing fear & the top 5 plays that shaped my life