Defining Success for Yourself: Oscar Season Edition

Defining Success for Yourself: Oscar Season Edition

When I was little it was a treat to stay up late to watch The Oscars.

The glamour, the fashion, the cinematic stories celebrated – I loved every minute.

But the ceremony can also put pressure on me, making me question what have I done that’s of any merit.

Below you’ll find the replay our webinar, Defining Success for Yourself: Oscar Season Edition.

No sales pitch – just checking in on our dreams and progress, and sharing our insights with you! I’m joined by professional actress Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell in discussion on:

🌟 Why the dazzling awards season is inspiring, and how we can best channel its excitement in our own passion projects
🌟 How to identify what you really want to achieve, and what that red carpet and gold statue have to do with it
🌟 How to celebrate your progress and successes

P.S. If this webinar resonated with you, you might enjoy my free Broadway Bootcamp training, which breaks this stuff down into more actionable chunks. Enjoy!