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find wonder where you already are

In one minute each week, discover the magic of your daily life, away from screens.

a membership programme by Xandra Robinson-Burns


call for adventurers


Every day is an unbirthday celebration waiting to happen.

In Everyday Wonderland, we focus on daily life details, because personal development doesn’t have to feel like such a big deal.

The postcards are designed to get you started and keep you in momentum. Less dwelling on later, more focus on adventuring now -- because today is what we have.

When you can find wonder in your surroundings, you can find it anywhere.

When you understand daily life, everything comes together. Bigger dreams and decisions become clearer, because you are an expert in the subtle nuances of your day - in motion and in stillness, in stress and in joy.

Through small details, each week we articulate how we want to live. When you understand this on a smaller scale, the bigger questions will fall into place. When you slow down, time expands.


There is wisdom and something to learn in everything that you do for fun.

Geeking out and indulging in what you love is not only acceptable - it’s productive, and essential.

- Xandra Robinson-Burns

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Everyday Wonderland makes me feel perfectly human, open to change, and ready to try new things. I’m inspired to bring a little fun into every single day!

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed by thoughts of change - I’m caught in “all or nothing” thinking.  Everyday Wonderland’s Calls to Adventure allow me to tune in to small questions and actions. I’ve learned that large changes often start with much smaller steps.

I love the weekly postcards - receiving them just as the weekend winds down and a new week begins reminds me that my personal life is truly my own. The calls to action are small, yet powerful activities that add whimsy, joy, and belonging to my busy life!

Xandra is superbly gifted at allowing people to be themselves and asks the best questions.


"Everyday Wonderland makes me feel less alone in my fairy tales :-)"

I discovered Xandra through her TEDx talk, How Harry Potter Saved My Life. I remember how excited I was to find someone with similar views on how we can use literature in our everyday lives.

Before joining Everyday Wonderland, I was worried that I was too old and insecure to let others see my passions. But I signed up anyway — and bought a new notebook!

Everyday Wonderland has given me back the youthful and creative inspiration I needed to get out of my own way. In the Secret Garden community, I’ve befriended likeminded dreamers and letter-writing pen pals. Now, I live more adventurously, and use my imagination to get through tough situations.

I wait eagerly for my next virtual postcard, and allot time to read it every Sunday. Then, all week, I live those Calls to Adventure. Everyday Wonderland is true to its whimsical name: ever evolving and growing with new, wondrous quests.



Everyday Wonderland is a safe place to share obsessions, to think back and wonder . . . When I was 8, why did I want that paint-by-number kit sooo badly? Maybe I should get one now? "

"As an enchanting hostess, Xandra will make you aware of the delights to be found in the most unique and charming places.

The community is a quiet refuge reminiscent of sitting serenely amidst lush foliage, breathing in fragrant air, and hearing only whispers of rustling leaves.

This is what life is like with no cell phones, no rushing traffic, and no noisy demands on your time.

Everyday Wonderland brings joy into my life. Here, we explore the beauty of everyday reality, looking around at the world, outside in nature or in the city, inside at our breakfast table, and even inside ourselves. Xandra reminds us that magic is real. And it’s here in Everyday Wonderland."


"The Everyday Wonderland postcards are designed so beautifully - every time I feel like I'm getting a present in my inbox that I actually want to open!

Lots of e-mails give me an initial feeling of stress but when I see Xandra's postcards I'm like YES and sometimes save it for a special moment during my day when I know I'll get to enjoy it.”



"Everyday Wonderland's simplicity helped me realise how overwhelmed I was from overcomplicating things."
My first Valentine's Day with my partner snuck up on us. I wanted it to be romantic, and go all out. With little time to plan, and both of us broke, we were stressed and anxious about the holiday. It hit me: the pressure was distracting us from celebrating our relationship. 
'Let's scrap all of this,' I told him, 'I just want to spend time with you. Let's get breakfast together and exchange cards. Does that sound fun?' It ended up being a lovely way to spend the morning. We were more grateful for each other this way than by indulging some frantic holiday wish. 
Mini Adventuring has taken so much stress off my shoulders and made my life more fun and functional. I'm thankful to Xandra for helping me take a step back, breathe, and make life whimsical."


"I love the sense of community in Everyday Wonderland, and our interesting conversations."

the month of Cosy, I decided to take hot cocoa along on my errands. I enjoyed this so much that it's now part of my weekly errand running.

After my first errand, my cup of cocoa is at the perfect drinking temperature. Simple changes can invite wonder to the most mundane of tasks."



“I’ve been on a personal journey to rekindle the magic of life – to find a little more joy, fun, whimsy, loveliness and sparkle to every day."

"Xandra and the Everyday Wonderland weekly Calls to Adventure are the perfect reminders nudging me to seek the things that make me happy and to find adventure in my own backyard. Woohoo!”


"A ritual I look forward to every week."

"Whenever that magic postcard calling me to adventure enters my inbox, I'm smiling before I've even opened it, knowing that whatever's inside will give me a very classy pair of Xandra-style glasses that will inspire me to see my everyday surroundings and actions in new and surprising ways.

Everyday Wonderland has given me simple yet powerful spells to discover and practice new habits that continue even after the month's theme has ended. Answering the calls to adventure is like inhabiting a parallel universe where I carry out imaginative acts that only I can see in the moment, but that have an effect on the real world.

And even if it looks like there's no-one else around me who can see Everyday Wonderland, I know that someone else somewhere in the world is playing in Wonderland too.  That's the real magic for me."

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"Everyday Wonderland is the part of my To Do list that puts the life back into living."

"Everyday Wonderland encourages me to use what I already have or experience, but see it in a different way. The Calls to Adventure prompt me to simplify and make a game out of whatever I’m doing.

I relax into myself and appreciate my experience more. For example, actively enjoying a visit with relatives, instead of getting lost in making sure everything is perfect.

Xandra is so supportive and easy to communicate with. That warmth is something I didn’t know I needed, but am glad to have found in Everyday Wonderland.

No heroine gets to choose her circumstances, but she does get to choose how she faces them. It’s okay that my character arc isn’t complete. I’m braver, smarter, stronger than I think I am, and better everyday.
For the price of a latte and pastry, I get insights from a lovely, interesting person who really resonates with me. I feel like I get the deep thoughts we’d share in a cafe chat, but it’s spread out over a month."

your pen pal, xandra robinson-burns


Xandra Robinson-Burns is the writer and protagonist of Heroine Training, where she chronicles her journey, chapter by chapter. She graduated from Exeter College, Oxford with a degree in English, and an eye for finding portals to imaginary worlds. A TEDx speaker, her work has been featured in The Guardian and the San Francisco Chronicle. She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with her husband Steve and their dog, Snug.


some mini adventures from our members...


  • One week's Call to Adventure has turned into a regular practice for Erica. She lives in a small NYC apartment  -- aka her home, office, gym, and personal restaurant. To get ready for her day, she employs the Call to Adventure "Take one minute to clear the crumbs" along with her personal motto "Everything in its right place," reminders to clear her space and mind.


  • During the month of Cosy, Nicole began a tradition of bringing hot cocoa along on her mundane weekly errands.


  • Rebecca reimagined working at the dispensary into working at an apothecary, or Diagon Alley potions house. She even turned a visa appointment at a government building into a visit to the Ministry of Magic!


  • During the month of Simplicity, Charli scrapped frantic Valentine’s Day pressure in favour of sharing breakfast and exchanging cards with their partner. 'I just want to spend time with you,' Charli told him, and the pressure lifted.


  • Janelle woke up early on a weekend trip with her friends. She meant to busy herself with activities, or go on her phone, but it was freezing. So she wrapped herself in a blanket, warmed her chilled hands, and took in the sight of melted ice floating slowly down the river. 'It was such a stripped-down, magical moment, I did it again the next day'.


  • Susan brought light and intention into the task of tidying her home. Now she views it as a loving ritual of decluttering and beautifying. 'When my space is clear, my mind is more creative and at peace'.


  • Planning felt impossible for Meridian. On mostly-bedrest, she found herself believing that her planning life would be perfect if she could go to a café. She challenged that thought, and brought the café to her. She decorated her space with pretty pillows, a lace curtain as a tablecloth, a custom playlist, and a homemade almond milk rooibos chai latté. 'Best of all, you can show up in your pajamas with bed hair!’


where will everyday wonderland take you?


"Everyday Wonderland is my happy place, a spa for my soul."

"Everyday Wonderland has shown me how to celebrate wonder in the ordinary business of my day. By viewing my life through this lens, I am acutely aware of the little things that make me happy.

Flowers both planted and wild call out to me and make me smile. The task of tidying my home has become a loving ritual of decluttering and beautifying. When my space is clear, my mind is more creative and at peace.

In Everyday Wonderland I feel a sense of light and intention from Xandra and my fellow heroines. In this community, our paths intertwine in a magical, purposeful journey."



“I have enjoyed Xandra’s informative and entertaining writing, and am inspired by the wonderful ladies from across the world who are part of the community."

"The prompts in the programme have inspired me to try different things, one of which was handwriting a note instead of emailing, and looking up my mother’s recipe for afternoon tea scones to share with the group.”


"Such a welcoming online community.
Everyday Wonderland is just a delight!"