Guest Post Submission Guidelines


Travel Guides Fit for a Heroine

Here on Heroine Training I have a collection of travel guides “fit for a heroine” from fabulous locals around the world.

I love introducing my readers to inspiring people and places, and I hope it would be a fun project for you too!

Have a look at some other posts in the series for inspiration.


Get in Touch

If you are interested in writing a travel guide for the series, the first step is to reach out to me at Please include a pitch for which neighbourhood/city/town you would like to cover to ensure we aren’t already working on it, and link to your website/work if applicable. I’d love to hear from you!

Style Guidelines

  • Please focus on a concentrated area (such as London’s West End or NYC’s East Village) with all points do-able in a day
  • Overall tone: like a storybook + informative
  • Please relate to the concept of ‘being a heroine’ throughout, whether literary, nostalgic, empowering, or however you define heroine-ism! Do mention any famous heroines, fictional or real, who have called your city home 🙂
  • Grammar: American or British English both acceptable, Oxford comma non-optional.
  • Word count: ~700-900 words

Submission Checklist

  • ~7 points of interest: things to do / places to go, with brief explanation of what makes it heroine-esque. Is it reminiscent of a book or story? Does it make you feel like a real-life heroine?
  • A heading for each point of interest: “Take a walk down…” “Enjoy a coffee at…”. Extra credit for fictional references!
  • 4-7 original images that relate to the points of interest (size: width at least 700) labelled so that it’s clear which point of interest they represent. You may include links to found images of sites that do not allow photography or are difficult to capture, but I mainly want to see your hometown through your eyes and unique perspective!
  • Your Bio: please include a mini bio in the 3rd person and a headshot.
  • Optional: include suggestions for what I should link to in the “Xandra recommends” section pointing back to your site. This is your chance to entice readers over to your work, so take advantage and include links to content that might overlap with the Heroine Training community’s interests.
  • Please include all your social media links so I can share the post and link readers back to you!

How to Submit

Please email me the text of your article via Google Doc (allow edits), Word, or Pages file with images and headshot attached separately.