My Project 333 List

My Project 333 List

33 items of clothing, 3 months. That’s the premise of Courtney Carver’s Project 333, one of the sites that inspired my shift to minimalism. I’ve never officially participated, so I’ve decided to give it a go!

My 33 are doodled above. It’s basically everything in my local wardrobe minus a spring jacket and some jewelry.

My Project 33 List:

  1. knit hat from Forms
  2. fingerless knit gloves (see here)
  3. All Saints black coat (see here)
  4. Ann Taylor pink belt (see here)
  5. House of Holland scarf (see here)
  6. wooly jumper, knitted by Halmoni (see here)
  7. Alexandra King collar (see here)
  8. Betsey Johnson black top (see here)
  9. Ambrym Duck Top from Simonne et Lisa B (see here)
  10. Little Black Dress by French Connection (see here)
  11. Malvolio shoes by Shoe Embassy (see here)
  12. vintage polka dot green dress from Radio Days (see here)
  13. Converse boots (see here)
  14. Club Monaco grey cami
  15. blue Danskos (see here)
  16. Betsey Johnson tutu dress (see here)
  17. BCBG orange maxi (see here)
  18. star necklace handmade by Sister
  19. polka dot panda heels (see here)
  20. J Crew striped top
  21. Burberry London jeans (see here)
  22. Jones and Jones yellow dress (see here)
  23. Dr Martens Billie boots (see here)
  24. Fe-Line Frock Swap M&S green fluffy thing (see here)
  25. pink dino necklace made out of my kindergarten key chain (see here)
  26. green dress from a Korean boutique in Hong Kong (see here)
  27. orange Ambrym dress from Simonne et Lisa B (see here)
  28. vintage pink sparkly thing from Reign (see here)
  29. Betsey Johnson hoodie with bow on back (see here)
  30. blue Izzy Lane cashmere pullover
  31. Crown and Glory flowerband (see here)
  32. Atomic Burger Godzilla tee
  33. Kenyan Fair Trade necklace

So starting now I’m back to five posts per week, and every Wednesday you’ll hear about my wardrobe.


miss xandra bee

P.S. Follow my wardrobe posts on the ‘what i wore’ tag šŸ™‚

  • MelD

    Love your illustration and much looking forward to your wardrobe posts, you’ll get some great combos out of that… šŸ˜‰
    I haven’t officially done 333 but it re-introduced me to the concept of capsule wardrobes and reminded me that they’d always fascinated me. Also inspired me to do several major culls and find that 33 is plenty more than enough!!
    (I love 6 items or less, too, and Jennifer L. Scott’s 10 item wardrobe…)

  • Sarah S.

    I love your illustration of this! I’m doing a project 333, too, but I don’t count accessories because I so rarely wear them… I honestly only have 5 or so pieces on top of 33 anyway. Good luck to us both!

  • Emma

    Absolutely love the drawing! It reminds me of your birthday, so many lovely memories! Much love from Paris!

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  • Nadia Lewis

    I love the drawing of the collection! So colourful! So wonderful! So Xandra! šŸ˜€

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