Dear wanderer,

Perhaps you grew up dreaming of receiving your Hogwarts letter, or stumbling upon Narnia. Perhaps you long to visit Pemberley, to Defy Gravity, or to go to the ball. I will write you that letter, and build you that wardrobe. [A metaphorical wardrobe, that is.] Here you will find step-by-step lesson plans with takeaway homework assignments that show you how to embody fictional heroines in the everyday. This means chasing your dreams and making the impossible happen with your own inner magic.

For the full experience, you can Own Your Story, or request letters from Jane Austen.

You have the potential. Heroine Training provides the tools.

Welcome to our headquarters, where dreams meet reality, where fiction is cherished, where magic is real.

Sincerely, your guide on this journey,

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new york being authentically new york

^ spotted in soho, one of those sights deemed worthy of digging out the fancy camera

the accessories: yellow walk signs and traffic lights and matching city cabs. the green street signs, the grey lampposts, the long wide streets and borders of sidewalk. the buildings: a wide copper one dominating the square, a strip of colored triangles crawling up the side of another in the distance, creating the illusion of dimension. one moment ago i was lost in my own head, calculating the time, planning my path. this is america, this is new york. for the most part – and there is much of it – it is a predictable grid, so much so that i lose focus of my surroundings, being used to their pattern. but certain corners strike me

moma and the simplicity of staircases

^ from a corridor at moma in nyc

i saw some incredible works of art at moma. monet, matisse, piscasso, and perhaps most enchanting of all: [my computer wallpaper of three months] van gogh’s starry night. what really struck me about moma, however, was the structure itself. there are tucked-away galleries, but the building’s center is open and visible from all floors. the staircases celebrate simplicity. the walls and floors too are without complication, complementing the art without dominating. it is an overwhelming collection in size, but the building gives hints at where to begin, allowing parts of exhibits to peak into view, encouraging exploration most politely. it allows room to breathe. 

the cupcake report part one

^ that’s me, photographed by the lovely perrine in a little picnicy area in greenwich (what my head refers to as “the marc jacobs area”). dress: dorothy perkins. bag, watch: betsey johnson. cupcake: magnolia bakery.

i have deep respect for the difficult art of the cupcake, perhaps the greatest art in the pastry world. a cup filled with cake – what a lovely concept! how simple, how useful, and yet how incredibly challenging. cupcakes are not just about cake and frosting, but the harmony of the two. i make an effort to sample cupcakes from around the globe, seeking candidates for my prestigious list of best cupcakes in the world. the current champions are thus:

* Kara’s Cupcakes ~ San Francisco

* Kickass Cupcakes ~ Boston

* The Cake Shop ~ Oxford

* Sweet Tooth Factory ~ London

on my recent visit to new york, i continued the tradition. while i found the infamous magnolia bakery’s frosting too sweet, i discovered a new favorite in the form of another local staple:

Baked by Melissa ~ New York City

her mini cupcakes are the epitome of minimalism, urging the taster to savor each tiny bite: quality over quantity. that is…if you can limit yourself to just one, which is a challenge perhaps even more difficult than the act of mastering the perfect cupcake recipe to begin with.