Dear wanderer,

Perhaps you grew up dreaming of receiving your Hogwarts letter, or stumbling upon Narnia. Perhaps you long to visit Pemberley, to Defy Gravity, or to go to the ball. I will write you that letter, and build you that wardrobe. [A metaphorical wardrobe, that is.] Here you will find step-by-step lesson plans with takeaway homework assignments that show you how to embody fictional heroines in the everyday. This means chasing your dreams and making the impossible happen with your own inner magic.

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You have the potential. Heroine Training provides the tools.

Welcome to our headquarters, where dreams meet reality, where fiction is cherished, where magic is real.

Sincerely, your guide on this journey,

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embarking on a digital sabbatical for my summer finale

^ riding my horse away to france for two weeks

tomorrow i leave for the next phase of my summer adventure (i will be on digital sabbatical until at earliest the twenty-first). it feels as if summer is ending, but there are still two more large and exciting steps to take on my way back to oxford for the start of term. i want to feel time passing, to acknowledge it as it goes instead of looking back and realizing that i have let it slip past. this has been my most productive and exciting summer (the very fact that i keep referring to it in the past tense when there is more to come is further evidence of time well spent), and the plan is to keep pace with time continuously forever after. 

escape to the city

^ a view of bath abbey from the terrace of the roman baths

there is nothing quite as rejuvenating as a city. woody allen puts it best in his (masterpiece) film midnight in paris:

how’s anyone ever going to come up with a book or a painting or a symphony or a sculpture that can compete with a great city?  you can’t. when you look around, every street, every boulevard is its own special art form.

after several days of hard work (as you may have noticed), i needed a day of rest, and a day trip to bath was the perfect solution. relevance to my jane austen studies. home to an accredited fashion museum. thousands of years of history. swanky cafés. life. 

considering a career path

^ me and a cauldron thing at lacock abbey. dress: watsons (now ansari), shoes: shoe embassy.

every halloween my sister and i would dress up as witches and run around our backyard, creating our world and identities, complete with cauldrons and potions and other magical accessories. lately, i’ve been hooked on gretchen rubin‘s latest book, happier at home. i’ve just read a section about how  careers often stem from childhood interests. as i have not chosen a career path yet, i can still put this simple, yet apparently useful information to my advantage. perhaps i could be a theatre producer because as a child i would write and direct plays. but actually, i have a better idea. when i grow up, i’m going to be a witch