Dear wanderer,

Perhaps you grew up dreaming of receiving your Hogwarts letter, or stumbling upon Narnia. Perhaps you long to visit Pemberley, to Defy Gravity, or to go to the ball. I will write you that letter, and build you that wardrobe. [A metaphorical wardrobe, that is.] Here you will find step-by-step lesson plans with takeaway homework assignments that show you how to embody fictional heroines in the everyday. This means chasing your dreams and making the impossible happen with your own inner magic.

For the full experience, you can Own Your Story, or join me for a literary tea party.

You have the potential. Heroine Training provides the tools.

Welcome to our headquarters, where dreams meet reality, where fiction is cherished, where magic is real.

Sincerely, your guide on this journey,

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a closet that’s just the right size

a closet that's just the right size^ my wardrobe at the end of last term

as much as i envy the unending wardrobes of such fashionistas as blair waldorf  and carrie bradshaw, such is not reality (the above = university living.). but i have come to embrace (and sort of become obsessed with) the challenge. with confined space comes the burden of choice, and when viewed with an accepting mind, this burden is a blessing, a reminder, to focus on the essentials. when there is only space for a few items, it is my mission to make those items as perfectly me as possible. ★