Sunday Sampling: Get it done

Sunday Sampling: Get it done

♡ Sometimes people don’t get multi-passionates. Here’s an extensive guide for dealing with them.

♡ a lovely reminder to take a deep breath and enjoy your life.

♡ I’ve been saying it all along: limitation fosters creativity.

♡ an excellent, fresh take on how to pursue happiness when it’s already within you

is your wardrobe up to 100 percent?

♡ an innovative way supermarkets in France are getting people to waste less and buy “inglorious fruits and vegetables” – love!

♡ Public service announcement: Get it done.

miss xandra bee

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables!!

  • It often takes me a while to get to reading all your lovely links, but they are lovely, and there’s always something useful in there. Thank you for sharing.
    The Inglorious Fruits and Veg story came up on facebook a few weeks ago and I thought it was great. I hope it’s not just a fad and that it continues to work. I loved the images they used! So clever. And especially for all the people madly juicing everything in sight, who cares what the fruit looks like? Parasitic twin apple juices just as good! lol

  • How do you manage to find so many awesome links? Definitely sharing the 100% wardrobe and the inglorious fruits and vegetables and the get it done.