Defining Success for Yourself: Oscar Season Edition

Defining Success for Yourself: Oscar Season Edition

When I was little it was a treat to stay up late to watch The Oscars.

The glamour, the fashion, the cinematic stories celebrated – I loved every minute.

But the ceremony can also put pressure on me, making me question what have I done that’s of any merit.

Defining Success for Yourself: Oscar Season Edition

Below you’ll find the replay our webinar, Defining Success for Yourself: Oscar Season Edition.

No sales pitch – just checking in on our dreams and progress, and sharing our insights with you! I’m joined by professional actress Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell in discussion on:

🌟 Why the dazzling awards season is inspiring, and how we can best channel its excitement in our own passion projects
🌟 How to identify what you really want to achieve, and what that red carpet and gold statue have to do with it
🌟 How to celebrate your progress and successes

An Oscar-themed Luncheon

An Oscar-themed Luncheon

When The Social Network was up for Best Picture, I read an article suggesting items for an Oscar-themed menu, with “Mark Zuckerburgers” on the list. That particular ceremony was my first of two all-nighter UK Oscar viewings. I do not intend to repeat such misery this year. 

However. I refuse to let the awards season pass me by, so instead we hosted an Oscars-themed lunch the week before. [I’ll watch highlights on post-Oscar Monday and that will be beyond okay.]

Behold, the menu inspired by 2016’s nominees. I am so proud of this.


– Red wine (Joy)

An Oscar-themed Luncheon

– Pure drinking water (Mad Max: Fury Road)

An Oscar-themed Luncheon


– “CDO” seafood stew crisps (The Big Short)
– English marmalade from London (Bridge of Spies)
– Raw bison meat crisps (The Revenant)

An Oscar-themed Luncheon

[Because the omnivores in attendance didn’t want actual bison OR seafood stew. Come on guys.]

Main Course:

– Broccoli pizza (Inside Out)

An Oscar-themed Luncheon

– Spaghetti (Brooklyn)

An Oscar-themed Luncheon

Side Dish:

– Potatoes (The Martian)

An Oscar-themed Luncheon

[I haven’t actually seen The Martian, but I hear that potatoes are a safe bet.]


– Jack’s birthday cake, no candles (Room)

An Oscar-themed Luncheon

– 2 muffins (Spotlight)

An Oscar-themed Luncheon

An Oscar-themed Luncheon

It was quite a starchy year for the Oscars. I’m hoping for some significant cinematic salads in 2016.


P.S. I posted my personal top 10 films of 2015 on Facebook – what do you think?

Super-Inspiring Films for Productivity and Work Ethic

Super-Inspiring Films for Productivity and Work Ethic

Want to be inspired to work harder but don’t feel like working? Watch a film that inspires productivity! Such as…

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods is on a mission to prove herself as a competent albeit blonde law student. I play the opening song (Hoku’s “Perfect Day”) to psych myself up for work, and take cues from Elle’s LSAT prep montage.

The Devil Wears Prada

Excellent acting, beautiful Patricia Fields styling, and Anne Hathaway’s character rushing about and totally owning it. Watch, and channel her. Alternately, be as boss as Meryl Streep.

The September Issue

What could be more inspiring than the fictional fashion industry? The real fashion industry.

A Beautiful Mind

The true story of John Nash being really good at math despite circumstances. If he can do it, so can you.

Stand and Deliver

Another true-life story, this time about an awesome math teacher. Live vicariously through his students and be inspired.

The Social Network

For fast-talking, slightly annoying, witty smart people, watch this film based on the story of Facebook. Or just type to its soundtrack. Seriously, best typing music.

Midnight in Paris

If the work you need to get done is creative or cultural, or has anything to do with the 1920s, indulge in this 90 minute wonder. Also a great soundtrack, but a leisurely one – more like thinking music for a walk.


If there’s ever a story to get you off the telly and into your books, it’s Matilda. Watch the movie that will make you want to read books forever, or better yet, see the musical. Or just, you know… read the book.


One of my favourite films of 2014, Whiplash is like a motivational sports movie, but with the arts! You gotta bleed for your passion.

Bill Cunningham New York

Now here’s a guy who is totally passionate, totally serious, and totally focused. He’s got his priorities firmly set, has commanded respect of some of the toughest people in the fashion industry (and therefore, arguably, some of the toughest people ever), and looks like he’s having so much fun throughout.

The Internship

Besides being a great comedy, The Internship is a reminder to hustle – and in your own style. Play to your strengths, be a good team mate, and your creativity and effort can make the impossible happen.

Monsters University

Basically the Pixar version of The Internship. Try-hard college-age Mike Wazowski is awesome.


Jennifer Lawrence is electric as Joy, mother and caretaker of her extended family, who nonetheless finds the energy and motivation to be an inventor and businesswoman. It would be difficult to watch this film and not feel like getting up and doing something.

MBA Partners

Like a cheesier Legally Blonde, but in Chinese, with business instead of law. Three frenemies-at-first-sight become unlikely business partners when their (handsome) professor suggests they combine their strengths. Together they form a luxury online shopping delivery service (that might just work as an actual business) and face the ups and downs of the beginnings of both a startup and friendship.

Any I missed?


P.S. a blast from the past: my daily plan for productivity