How Your Friends Can Help You, Based on Their Hogwarts Houses

How Your Friends Can Help You, Based on Their Hogwarts Houses

When you need support from your friends, here’s what to expect based on their Hogwarts house.

Whether it’s a big passion project, or figuring out a personal funk, it’s useful to know what kind of support you need.

Do you want advice or support? Once you’re clear, consider your friends’ Hogwarts houses when seeking it.

If you have to ask a Hufflepuff for Slytherin kind of support, keep in mind their tendency to help in their way, and be clear on what you need from them.

How Your Friends Can Help You, Based on Their Hogwarts Houses

For hands-on help, look to Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws.

You can’t do everything on your own. When you need to delegate, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws will happily oblige.

HUFFLEPUFFS will want to get involved behind the scenes. 

They will help you stuff party favour bags or fold programmes for your play. They will help you pack boxes when you’re moving. Hufflepuffs believe that labour is love, and want in on the action. 

When Justin Finch-Fletchly felt vulnerable, his fellow Hufflepuffs formed into a physical barrier to guard him from the Heir of Slytheirn!

RAVENCLAWS will want to help you figure stuff out.

Count on them for bottomless brainstorms, when you feel stuck or confused. They will help you identify options, and will deliver you pages of notes and stacks of library books to aid you. They will give you extensive feedback, and are eager for the excuse to do some research for you.

Ravenclaws are always seeking explanations. Luna often offers diagnoses for her friends’ problems with magical creatures’ interference, such as wrackspurts.

For unconditional support and confidence, look to Gryffindors and Slytherins.

If you’re not looking for a helping hand so much as someone to tell you you’re great, Gryffindors and Slytherins have got your back.

GRYFFINDORS will be your loudest cheerleaders.

If you have something to promote, count on us to help spread the word. We can’t wait to brag about our awesome friends. We love the sound of our own voices anyway, so give us a message to share! If you’re looking to fill seats at your event, your Gryffindor friends will come, and bring all their friends as well.

Lee Jordan is the spokesperson for all Quidditch matches, and can’t help but bring his Gryffindor bias. Often, Professor McGonagall doesn’t even bother to neutralise him because, well, she’s a Gryffindor too!

SLYTHERINS will provide the ultimate pep talk. 

They are your ‘real friends’, according to the Sorting Hat, and will take your side even when you’re wrong. They will defend and motivate you because they believe you’re excellent – or they wouldn’t waste time being friends with you! A Slytherin enemy is a force to be reckoned with, but a Slytherin friend is an invaluable supporter.

For Slytherins, emotional support is no joke. Let’s face it. Crabbe and Goyle aren’t useful for much, but their presence is what counts for Draco. 

What is your Hogwarts house? Does it align with how you most often support your friends?

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“You Will Never Ever Put Your Soul Together”: Harry Potter x Taylor Swift

"You Will Never Ever Put Your Soul Together": Harry Potter x Taylor Swift

My third Deathly Hallows song is here!

In order to share my latest Harry Potter song with you, I had to learn how to accompany myself on the guitar. I could have just learned the chords, but the true Swiftie in me believes that the integrity of this song is compromised when played without its signature riff.

As you’ll notice in the video, I don’t get it down perfectly, but it is there. You should have seen me on day one, fumbling with the fingerpicking for just five minutes before my fingertips got too numb to continue. Amazingly, by committing to running through it every day, a little bit at a time, the muscle memory sunk in to a playable degree.

Practicing music is a cornerstone of my childhood.

I took piano lessons from age 5, and added voice and guitar along the way. As a kid I often resisted practicing in the way that many kids say “but when am I ever going to need to know how to do this math problem in the real world?”

First of all, playing music is fun. It feels really really good. Second of all, the skills and lessons acquired go far beyond memorizing the opening to “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” (or insert Chopin, Mozart, etc.). Learning music teaches me how to learn other things, and if you can learn you can do anything.

I could go on and on about this, and I do in my arts-inspired confidence course Leading Lady, which returns this spring (in the meantime, try the Broadway Bootcamp for free!). For now, here is the final song in my Deathly Hallows series.

for singing along:

I remember when I vanquished you the first time
I was a baby and you took my parents too but like
Severus asked you not to and he’s actually on my side – whaat
Now you’re killing Cedric and you say, “Harry,
I know you’ve had a couple lucky saves – from me”
Remember how that time I got away? Our wands
met in the middle I’m telling you Riddle

oo-oo-oo-oo-oo you challenged me again tonight and
oo-oo-oo-oo-oo Hey Tom, I’m telling you I’m telling you
You will never ever ever put your soul together
You-oo will never ever ever possess the wand of Elder
You go killing Albus, killing Gellert, killing Snape
but you-oo will never ever ever posses the wand of Elder
because Malfoy

I’m really gonna miss reading your mind when you
give me scar-aches when I’m camping with Hermione and Ron
you go to Malfoy Manor where you hide
with some Death Eater friends much eviller than mine

oo-oo-oo-oo-oo you challenged me again tonight and
oo-oo-oo-oo-oo Hey Tom, I’m telling you I’m telling you
You will never ever ever put your soul together
cuz you-oo will never never ever beat this phoenix feather
Your wand’s linked to my wand’s linked to your soul’s linked to me
And you will never ever ever put that soul together


The prophecy says we’ll fight for ever ever
but wait where’s your snake?
Neville slayed Nagini

So he’s hunting me down again and he’s like I’m gonna kill youuu and I’m like Expelliarmus

You will never ever ever put your soul together
You will never ever ever think that I’m that clever
You just killed a horcrux I’m a horcrux so I kill you
So you-oo will never ever ever put your soul together


You go killing your friends killing my friends killing me – oops!
But you will never ever ever…put your soul together


P.S. Watch the other two Deathly Hallows songs: “Sweet as Snape” and “You’re a Horcrux”

Favourite Stories / November

Favourite Stories / November


FILM / Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them > see full recap

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BOOKTiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed


P.S. The Traverse Theatre’s clever and heartwarming interpretation of Black Beauty just missed the November cutoff, but by the time I talk about it in December it will be over! So if you’re in Edinburgh, go now and we’ll chat about it later 😉

Favourite Stories / November

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