Sunday Sampling / 065

Sunday Sampling


Hello heroines!

I am using every excuse I can think of to go outside these days – autumn air is one of my favourite feelings. I’m enjoying getting bundled up in jumpers and blankets (over shorts, because it’s still not quite cold enough for that) and doing my evening planning by candlelight. How is your September going?



I am so fortunate that Adam’s Chocolates was a sponsor for my Bristol Tea Party, because the day after, while I was still traveling, I needed a dairy-free snack. My goodness. This chocolate is seriously amazing – I really shouldn’t eat dairy, but often chocolate just doesn’t taste the same. Adam’s Chocolates’ mission is “To create a chocolate that tastes incredible and leaves you feeling remarkable” and they certainly succeed!

My favourite reads lately

⚡️ I don’t get excited by something just because it’s Harry Potter-themed. In fact, I’m really picky about doing justice to my favourite books, so it means a LOT when I endorse a thing, and I am enamoured with PB Teen’s Harry Potter Collection (especially the Patronus Magical Damask Maison Bedroom)!

💄 These 10 business building ideas you can swipe from Kylie Jenner are spot on.

💕 I keep thinking about number one on Carly’s list of 4 lessons from the past year: Invest in friendships. Putting quality time into my friendships is such a worthy health investment, and something I’ll probably write about here soon.

🎶 “I haven’t heard very many songs specifically about Asian American pride & the microaggressions we face every day, so decided 2 write one.” – Charlene Kaye, whose music just gets more and more amazing.

🌟 The concept of a ‘housewife’ is relatively new – in the Stone Age men stayed home while women traveled and spread ideas and technology. whaaaat

❤️ I love these ‘soft skills’ that make you better at sales, even though they have nothing to do with sales. Also, I found this article from Smart, Pretty, and Awkward, which has the BEST curation!

🌎 It can be overwhelming to commit to shopping ethically and sustainably, and often the best options are online only. It’s great to hear that high street brands like FatFace are taking strides to be more environmentally friendly.

👑 Plus on Heroine Training: my little autumn adventure list & favourite YA reads lately

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Sunday Sampling / 064



Hello heroines! It’s been a quiet week, but sometimes that’s just how I like it: sinking back into my tried-and-true routines, reading 25 pages each morning and evening (at least!), perfecting my chocolate chip cookie recipe in our new-ish oven, and getting excited about next week’s Tea Party!


This sampling is brought to you by the Heroine Training in-house musician, Rorie [I wish!]. Her ethereal, storybook music is so fit for a heroine, and I’m obsessed with her new song, “Dawn”. You can follow her music on Spotify and find images that do her wondrous music justice on her Instagram @roriemusic.


💕 Some creative alternatives to finding a mentor, such as a Personal Board of Directors, or a friend who serves as an agent.

🎬 a 10 year reflective on Gossip Girl, the culture on set, and a shift in celebrity mindset in a post-Instagram world.

🌟 My new favourite cosplayers: @CosplayParents! I can’t decide whether I love their Wonder Woman or Frozen cosplays more!

📖 Fashion is having a Jane Austen moment (and I love it!)

✈️ How to be a socially conscious traveller: some interesting factors to consider when you’re choosing your destination and what you do there.

⚡️ Take a moment to consider: What would Hogwarts be like without Hermione?

📚 This high school has an unusual and creative tradition for seniors: they take their class ID photos in costume – and some are pretty clever!

👑 Plus, on Heroine Training: the most common to-do list mistake (and how to avoid it) and a heroine’s guide to Plymouth, Massachusetts

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Sunday Sampling / 063

Carrot Top Paper Shop

Reader, I caved. I lit my Pumpkin Soufflé candle. I ordered a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte. I want to honour the seasons, but can we all agree that 1 September is the new Autumn? Especially with the whole going-back-to-Hogwarts ritual, I think this is acceptable.


This sampling is brought to you by Carrot Top Paper Shop, an absolute must for a heroine curating her home gallery. Jenny illustrates portraits of literary heroines, which can be enjoyed as prints, in a literary heroine banner [see above!], or on literary bookmarks, as included in the Heroine Training Tea Party favour bags!


🏄 Sometimes you have to decide to stay on board.

💖 On the importance of Taylor Swift’s lawsuit: “Andrea Swift put her finger on an important truth. We raise girls to be pretty, pliant and polite. We raise boys to be loud, demanding and confident.”

🍴 Taking just a minute to arrange your food beautifully does makes it taste better!

👸 These 10 life lessons from a Southern Belle Pageant Queen are packed with real world wisdom.

📌 Fascinating: these women entrepreneurs created a fake male co-founder. Guess who was treated most professionally in their correspondences?

🎬 If you, like I, are wondering WHY there’s going to be an all-female Lord of the Flies movie, read this list of 8 Lord of the Flies films we’d rather watch. It made me giggle at least.

👑 Plus on Heroine Training: How to keep in touch with long distance friends, and my new (free!) ebook, A Spell for Feeling Well