Wrap Gifts Like a Minimalist

Wrap Gifts Like a MinimalistThis is my box of gift wrap.

I save tissue paper from stores, reusable gift wrap from presents I receive, and other fashionable bags. See the pink and tassel-patterned one from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum above!

Wrap Gifts Like a MinimalistThe gift wrap is contained in an IKEA storage box that lives in my desk. I keep only as much as will fit inside – if I want to add more, I have to get rid of something that isn’t as swanky inside. I keep a separate tote of reusable ribbon and string in my closet.

The finished product:

Wrap Gifts Like a MinimalistLeft: wrapped in white tissue paper from a clothing store, enclosed in a spotted goodie bag, tied with a discarded fabric belt from a jacket.

Center: wrapped in tissue paper from a store, tied with a reused ribbon from last Christmas

Right: Kate Spade tissue paper tied with ribbon from a high school graduation goodie bag – knew it would come in handy one day!

And one more…

Wrap Gifts Like a MinimalistThis one is from the Monkey, who felt bad for borrowing paper from my “special collection”. I jokingly gave him the brown paper bag, and he made it work. The red sticker was attached to the dotted bag I used above, and yes, we just happened to have jingle bells lying around the house.

Anyone else have some creative wrapping tips? Happy Christmas Eve!

miss xandra bee