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I’m Xandra Robinson-Burns, writer and protagonist of Heroine Training. Welcome!

Here I chronicle my life chapter by chapter, with a few recurring themes along the way:

  • Making daily life more magical
  • Finding wisdom in what I do for fun
  • Being the heroine of my own story.

Join me in celebrating creativity, simplicity, and character. A heroine is never finished, but on her journey through life – one day, one mini adventure at a time.

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Gold Tape

Oct 26 2021

Ultimate Passion Planner Guide!

Seven years ago, I was given my first Passion Planner. Every year since, I’ve returned. Never before had I found a system that encourages me to prioritise personal projects as well as professional ones.I keep returning to Passion Planner because it has a perfect balance of structure and flexibility. You can use as much or […] Keep Reading...

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