Hi Reader, I’ve moved!

You can now find me and my work at XandratheWitch.com.

This website is staying up as a beloved archive of the Heroine Training era of my life 🥰

Enjoy! And if you wish — I’ll see you in my witch’s cabin…

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How to Choose a New Year’s Resolution

On certain occasions, we are prompted to think about self-improvement. The New Year, birthdays, or, for me, whenever I’m on an airplane. Well, actually, I think about self-improvement and habit-building constantly. But especially on airplanes. What is your ideal daily routine? I jotted down some ideas for mine on a recent flight: The top section includes […] Keep Reading...

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Meet Xandra

Xandra Sunglim Burns (she/her) is a Writer and Soul Storyteller, integrating fantasy and reality through quest-based personal development. An Oxford graduate and TEDx speaker, she is known for her daily Taylor Swift Readings and pop culture-infused lifestyle essays. Her work has been featured in The Guardian, the BBC, Business Insider, the San Francisco Chronicle. She enjoys rollercoasters and writing in Edinburgh coffeeshops with her fluffy ghoul, Snug.

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