10-Item Wardrobe Autumn/Winter 2015


Oct 30 2015

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10-Item Wardrobe Autumn/Winter 2015

I have been experimenting with capsule wardrobes for years now – ever since I moved across the ocean for uni. I’ve tried Project 333 a few times, but the method that has really spoken to me is Jennifer L. Scott’s “10-Item Wardrobe”. It’s about identifying your 10 staples, the main attractions in your wardrobe, while allowing some basic extras. I love how this iteration of a capsule wardrobe is simple and doesn’t dwell on counting too much.

Voilà, my 10-Item Wardrobe for Autumn/Winter 2015!

10-Item Wardrobe Autumn/Winter 2015

Betsey Johnson Tutu Dress

#TutuDay is the best day. I try to wear my tutu as often as possible. It’s surprisingly versatile, since I can pair it with a shirt underneathovertop, or on its own!

Parisian Popsicle Blouse

Found in a tiny Parisian boutique selling nothing but shirts in funky prints.

Kate Spade Pink Dress

My Little Pink Dress: comfy, bold, sleek, love.

Walker Slater Top

My nod to smart [and warm] Scottish fashion.

Floral Anthro Dress

My go-to throw-it-on dress of choice.

Shoreditch Crop Jumper

One of my few impulse buys, a result of under-dressing in London springtime. So cosy.

Marc by Marc Shorts

I try not to wear these incredibly comfy skirt-lookin-shorts every day…

Grey Anthro Dress

For feeling especially student-y. My heroine-in-training dress.

Coast Midi Jacquard Skirt

The latest in my collection, purchased for the Halloween ball, anticipating cold temperatures to come.

Madewell Plaid Shirt

I just can’t get rid of this guy. Perfect for dressing down my more formal staples.

Where’s all the colour?

I was surprised to see a lack of colour in my spread of staples, but never fear – pretty much all my tights are florescent, half my shoes are bright yellow, and I’m rarely seen without something floral or sparkly on my head.

My ‘Extras’

Some of my extras double as pajama tops or fitness clothes. I have some nerdy t-shirts, like my Captain Planet one and my RHAP bell shirt, which I also wear to sleep. I also have some fitness clothes that I’d like to experiment with wearing during the day to dress down the formal wear. Capsule wardrobes foster creativity.

Of course, I also have plenty of outerwear, including some cardigans, coats, and woolly things for combatting the Scottish winter wind.


What are your key pieces this season? If you’ve posted about your capsule wardrobe or favourite outfits, drop a link in the comments!


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