You Simply Must ~ Read 13 Little Blue Envelopes

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Oct 14 2013

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You Simply Must Read 13 Little Blue EnvelopesBoy Books have blue covers and Girl Books have pink covers. And abs. Girls like to read books about ABS.

I was at a panel featuring Maureen Johnson and James Dawson, and that^ was the kinda thing discussed. I asked Maureen for advice on how to choose what to read next: If authors have little say over cover art or back cover blurbs, what should we consider?

She suggests putting a little research energy into our choices: Read blogs.

James added that word of mouth remains the greatest influence on choosing what to read.

I have a blog, and a mouth, yet I have hesitated to post “book reviews” because I’m not a “book reviewer”, but I do like books. A lot. So I’m jumping in.

Since we keep it simple on Fashionably Light, I promise to plug only what I absolutely love [books and plays and stuff]. In honour of Twitter Queen Maureen, as she inspired this new column [It’s called “You Simply Must”; welcome!], let’s start with one of her books.

You Simply Must ~ Read 13 Little Blue Envelopes

You Simply Must ~ Read 13 Little Blue Envelopes

The plot: Ginny’s eccentric aunt has just past away, and left behind a mysterious trail of adventures. Ginny gets a package with envelopes labelled 1-13, and can only open the next one when she completes the task of the previous. The first challenge: buy a plane ticket to London with the cash enclosed. Then: Endorse an artist. There are rules, like no electronics or guidebooks. There is a boy [a theatrey boy]. And of course, there are adventures, which span across Europe.

The spiel: It makes me want to put on my backpack and traaaavel. Not just to “see the world” but to live it – do and experience the strange and exciting. It’s about spontaneity and creativity and carpe diem. What’s great about Ginny is that she’s relatable – not a tight tank-wearing glossy lipped model with great abs…Ignore the cover, you’ll love it.

After that read: its sequel, The Last Little Blue Envelope

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P.S. More on the conundrum: What on Earth Do I Read Next?

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