13 Ways to Lift Yourself Out of an Energy Slump


Nov 05 2014

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Ways to Lift Yourself Out of an Energy Slump
Maybe it’s the days getting shorter, maybe my flat is just too comfy, but I’ve been fighting the slumps lately.
The bright side: now I have a list of tried and true strategies for energizing myself, and I’ve ordered them from least to most amount of effort required. Find your place on the lazy scale and get hopping!

♡ Sit up. Get off the couch or out of bed and sit in an actual chair.

♡ Drink water. You should be a full glass within arm’s reach at all times, right? Sometimes I think I’m sleepy but I’m just dehydrated.

♡ Open a window. Let in some fresh air. 

♡ Make a cup of tea. It’s not great to rely on caffeine to stay awake, but even de-caff helps, because the act of putting on the kettle and awakening your taste buds will wake up the rest of you too.

♡ Sing along. Singing engages your abs, gets you working on your breath, and is a great emotional release as well. I recommend 1989.

♡ Journal. A couple of sentences about how lazy I’m feeling makes me feel silly enough to get up. Here’s my guide to getting started.

Brush your teeth. Feel that much fresher.

♡ Phone a friend. We get by with a little help from our friends, after all. Stop focusing on yourself and be awake for the sake of someone else.
♡ Take a shower. Get clean.
♡ Dress up. Dress awake, feel awake. Extra credit for putting on makeup that should discourage you from putting your head on the pillow.
♡ Go for a walk, even a short one. Soak up some vitamin D and breathe in the great outdoors.
♡ Take yourself out for coffee. Get out of your room and out in public, where it isn’t socially acceptable to lie your head down on the table.
♡ Exercise. Go for a quick jog, do a yoga or workout video, go for a cycle. something to get the heart pumping.
What do you do to drag yourself out of a slump?
miss xandra bee
P.S. You could also just watch a film that inspires productivity. <– Here are some of my favourites!
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