#1day12pics: A Typical Saturday


Nov 03 2014

Gold Tape

#1day12pics: A Typical SaturdayInstead of a mini adventure, I thought I’d document a typical day, #1day12pics style. I had so much fun with Gala’s #lovetober challenge that I couldn’t wait to hop onto Michelle and Emma’s

1. 1 November is Harry Potter day, so Deathly Hallows pride hung from my neck.

2. I couldn’t find a bookmark, so I used this friendship bracelet from The Darling.

#1day12pics: A Typical Saturday3. The Holyrood 9A filled my rumbling tummies and my eye for aesthetics.

4. We didn’t do anything particularly special, just walked around the city, but what a city it is!

#1day12pics: A Typical Saturday5. Castle in autumn.

6. Popped into Timberyard to make reservations for this weekend. What a gorgeous, rustic chic of a hidden gem!

#1day12pics: A Typical Saturday7. Shopping time. Finally stepped in Walter Slater, which is full of cosy design details.

8. Flowers at Godiva, my favourite boutique!

#1day12pics: A Typical Saturday9. Armchair Books is always worth a browse. You never know what you’ll find hidden among the crowded shelves!

10. My favourite weekend tradition is our trip to the farmers’ markets. The fruit bowl is ready to start the week!

#1day12pics: A Typical Saturday

11. Toothbrushes in a Butterbeer tumbler.

12. Night night!

Know any good Instagram challenges? I’m getting addicted…

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