2021 Style Statement: LITERARY VIVID


Sep 14 2021

Gold Tape

Hi Reader,

when british vogue arrives, out come the scissors, glue, and stack of collaging magazines.

i flip to the back of my planner, find a page to paper over, and this happens:



words are my norm, so it feels glittery when my visual side takes over!


but from there, i like to describe. to narrow down my style to a shorthand of words that crackle with firey resonance:



my new style era is called LITERARY VIVID.



still bold, but refined. still adorable, but tailored & focused.



stylishly studious with bursts of childlike joy!



dressed up but down, like disney world parents in its opening decade.


how do you define your personal style? do you have a style statement? write back & let me know :)

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