21 Things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro Break


Feb 21 2017

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21 Things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro Break

I swear by the Pomodoro Technique for getting things done.

The basic premise is that you work for a concentrated 25 minutes, take a 2-5 minute break, then dive back in for another Pomodoro (For the uninitiated, I explain this in more detail here!). 

So what to do on those 2-5 minute breaks? 

Well, since I Pomodoro every day, I’ve taken notes on some creative ways to spend those slices of time. Here are 21 things to do on a Pomodoro Break, wherever you may be taking it!

21 Things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro Break

Order a coffee. Order food and drink one at a time to spread out the treats, and because you might change your mind. Plus at Starbucks you get points per transaction rather than how much you spend.

Leaf through a magazine: at uni I carried British Vogue in my bag along with all my books! These days I like working in cafés that provide cool magazines (Filament, Lovecrumbs). Even better if you’re in a library! Get up and browse.

Look around you. People watch.

Have a Graze snack.

Dance break! At uni my roommate Kat and I would work at our desks until one of us declared it Taylor Time.

Singing break! See above, add guitar.

21 Things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro Break

Update your time tracker. If you’re tracking your time, or your habits, a Pomodoro break is a great time to catch up on your notes.

Put on a load of laundry. Pressing start feels SO productive.

Take deep breaths.

Stretch. Self massage. Head massage.

Take a break from screens: If you’ve been working on the computer, close your laptop or turn off your monitor and give your eyes a rest. 

Write ideas in a notebook. 

Get up. Use the bathroom. Refill your water. 

Send a Facebook sticker to your best friend: My favourites are Bibimbap Friends, Opi, Rilakkuma, Yarukizero, and the classic, Pusheen.

21 Things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro Break

Savour a single delicious chocolate truffle. Chocolate meditation is the best meditation.

Read something quick: a poem, essay, or chapter of The War of Art or Daily Rituals.

Have a chat: but be sure to time it if you can’t afford to get distracted!

Clean up the files on your desktop.

Moisturize your hands with your favourite lotion

Leave a review or comment on a podcast you listened to recently. I usually listen on the go, and keep a list of things I want to comment on once I sit down. Podcasts give me a sense of community, and sharing my thoughts makes me feel even more involved.

Write a birthday card. Perhaps my favourite way to take a break lately! Keep upcoming birthday cards tucked in your planner, and spend 2ish minutes scribbling in a heartfelt note to a friend. It feels great, and productive too!

What do you do on a Pomodoro break? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. I ‘Pomodoro’ my friend time . Yes you read that right.

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