3 Ways Astrology Can Change Your Life


Mar 17 2015

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3 Ways Astrology Can Change Your Life

Xandra’s note: I have always loved astrology, felt exactly like a Leo, and this summer especially I became interested in how it all works. When the student is ready, the master appears: enter Amelia. One of my Birthday List goals was to have my astrological chart drawn up, which is apparently easy to do. So I refuse to declare myself finished with the task until I complete Amelia’s Elemental Astrology course and can say that I understand what all the mysterious shapes and signs mean! Hope to see you there. 

3 Ways Astrology Can Change Your Life

How many of you love to read your horoscope in your favorite magazine? Me too!

Do you ever wonder why some horoscopes have an uncanny significance, while others are completely off?

Here’s the secret. The ones that are spooky accurate? They’re more than just your sun sign.

These readings take into account the alignment of all the stars. Astrologers read charts, which are like a Polaroid of the galaxy at a very specific moment in time. All the celestial bodies in our solar system have a unique meaning that reveals what you can expect in each area of your life, from love to career.

You have your own special chart, called a birth chart. It maps out the location of the stars at the time you were born. By looking at that map, you can find your secret sauce; that is, what makes you you.

Why does this matter? Because learning to read the stars can change your life. Here are the 3 biggest ways that astrology will rock your world: 

1. Timing

Minimalist heroines, rejoice! When you learn the rhythm of the stars, you’ll know the best times to make a big career leap, to flirt with the darling you’ve been eyeing at the café, to travel to a new city, or to hunker down and rest. Astrology gives you the advantage of knowing the cosmic weather ahead of time, just like checking your weather app in the morning. That way, you can prepare accordingly and dress for success.

2. Getting to know yourself

Astrology empowers you with the knowledge that every person is completely unique: no one will have a chart identical to yours for over 20,000 years! How’s that for magical? By reading your birth chart, you’ll discover your soul’s strengths and weaknesses. Not only does it reveal what type of job or lover might suit you best, it can also show what you need to feel emotionally, creatively, and spiritually nourished.

3. Taking charge of your destiny

Most importantly, good timing and getting to know yourself will give you the fuel you need to become the heroine of your personal story.  With astrology, you won’t need a magic wand. You can be your own fairy godmother, and charm your life. At least, that’s what people will think when you’re always prepared! 

If you’re ready to take charge of your destiny, take a peek at my brand new online course. It’s called Elemental Astrology, and it’s a comprehensive guide to learning to read the stars for yourself. (Also, it’s the closest you’ll get to enrolling in Aurora Sinistra’s class in real life!) Elemental Astrology is suitable for heroines of all kinds, from the astro-curious to metaphysical pros.


Amelia Quint is a mystic, writer, and the creator of Elemental Astrology, a guide to reading the stars for yourself. At The Midheaven, she offers astrology and tarot readings and practical magic tips on how to charm your life. When she’s not writing or divining, you can find her lighting candles, playing guitar, and wandering the cobbled streets of Charleston, SC.


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