30 Days of Lists, Minimalist Style

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Mar 04 2014

Gold Tape

30 Days of Lists, Minimalist Style30 Days of Lists, Minimalist Style30 Days of Lists, Minimalist Style

Here’s how 30 Days of Lists goes.

Get a prompt every day for 30 days. Write a list.

Those are the only guidelines. 

The listers have been sharing their gorgeous collections of lists from scrapbooks to Photoshop delights to massive banners.

How shall a minimalist “list”?

While I was tempted to go on a scrapbook shopping spree, being at home, there is a lot of random craft stuff lying around.

Besides, what would I do with the lists afterwards? I am hesitant to accumulate too many sentimental pieces – they sit on the shelf, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them.

The first thing I knew was that I wouldn’t buy any supplies for this project. 

As I sifted through my storage, I found a lot of origami paper. 

“Limitation fosters creativity.”

Said Clinton Kelly. One of my favorite quotes ever! 

I would have never been clever enough to think of origami crane lists. Limiting myself to the tools I already have on hand led me to the idea.

Minimalism for the win.

I’ll be posting my lists on Facebook!
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