5 Uses for Tsum Tsums


Jul 17 2018

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5 Uses for Tsum Tsums

Disney Tsum Tsums are of course, adorable.

In addition, they can be useful! I may be a minimalist, but I do like to surround myself with things that make me smile. It’s even better if those things serve a functional use.

Marie Kondo suggests putting fun keyrings on clothing hooks so that they are visible every day. I love this idea, because otherwise these kinds of things would be thrown in a box that I open only when I’m getting rid of stuff. At which point I would feel guilty for not giving them away because they’re so cuuuute!

So put cute things on display, and better yet, find a use for them.

Steve and I gave tsum tsums as wedding favours, so they serve an extra special and meaningful purpose in our lives. We also tend to amass them as gifts from our friends and family who attended, and know that we like them so much!

5 Uses for Tsum Tsums

Photo from our wedding, by Warren & Carmen Photography

5 Uses for Disney Tsum Tsums

KonMari Place Holders in Drawers

I’ve converted to Marie’s method of folding and storing clothes vertically. After putting away the laundry, clothing fits in our drawers perfectly.

But as the laundry basket is filling up and the drawers are emptying, there are gaping holes causing the remaining clothes bundles to go astray.

I use Tsum Tsums of various sizes to fill these gaps as place holders! I also use one in my tote drawer, to keep items in place when the drawer’s contents are being used.

5 Uses for Tsum Tsums

Wrist Cushion

It’s important to have good posture when working, on the computer or writing by hand.

I tend to be unkind to my wrist, so I carry a mini Tsum Tsum around to use as a wrist cushion.

5 Uses for Tsum Tsums

Tiny Hug Therapy 

Like a stress ball but cuter, softer, and gentler. Keeping one in my pocket as a travel companion, or on my desk as a work buddy helps loads!

Travel Pillow

I use my medium Marie (um, as in Marie from The Aristocats, not Kondo this time) as a travel pillow on trains and planes. To keep her from getting dirty,

I wrap her in a clean tote bag that I use as a pillowcase, and wash between travels.

Glasses Cleaner

Their microfibre tummies make excellent glasses cleaners. I will often have a Tsum Tsum on me for therapeutic purposes (see above), and it also happens to be the most lens-friendly fabric I have on me!

Do you have any Tsum Tsums? What do you use them for?


P.S. I was feeling nostalgic for Disney World, so I reread my outfit post from my last visit (5 years ago! It’s been too long!). I forgot that I hadn’t purchased a single souvenir. I am inspired by my former self!

P.P.S. My Tsum Tsum companions often make cameos on my Instagram ;)

P.P.P.S. I suppose ‘as wedding favours’ or ‘bridesmaid bouquet replacements’ are additional uses. There. Bonus uses.

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