7 Motivational Broadway Songs for When You Gotta Fight


May 13 2015

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7 Motivational Broadway Songs for When You Gotta Fight

Nothing gets me fired up like a musical pep talk from Broadway’s most motivated. I think it’s because passion needs to be expressed beyond words: it makes me want… to sing!

“Let Me Be Your Star” – Smash

the fire and drive
that make dreams come alive
they fill her soul
she’s in control

Let’s set the scene with the TV series Smash, which  captures the energy and drive that Broadway inspires, even if Bombshell never made it to the stage IRL.

“Electricity” – Billy Elliot

and then I feel a change
like a fire deep inside
something bursting me wide open impossible to hide
and suddenly I’m flying, flying like a bird
like electricity
electricity sparks inside of me
and I’m free I’m free

What does it feel like when you’re dancing? Billy captures the urgency and freedom of following your dreams: Electricity!

“Do You Hear the People Sing” – Les Miserables

when the beating of your heart
echoes the beating of the drums
there is a life about to start
when tomorrow comes

I don’t think it’s possible to sing this song without getting riled up with passion for whatever your cause may be. Especially if you watch this version of it. Eddie Redmayne! Aaron Tveit!

“Buenos Aires” – Evita

stand back, you oughta know whatcha gonna get in me
ust a little touch of star quality

The best song for pumping you up to make that big entrance.

“Chip on your Shoulder” – Legally Blonde

there’s a chip on my shoulder
and it’s big as a boulder
with the chance I’ve been given
I’m gonna be driven as hell

Sometimes work isn’t glamorous, but the result makes it so worth it. Buckle down and put in the hours!

“Defying Gravity” – Wicked

I’m through accepting limits
’cause someone says they’re so
some things I cannot change
but till I try, I’ll never know!

This song is a modern classic for a reason. I can’t listen [or sing] to it without getting goosebumps. Time to live life on your own terms!

“Falling Slowly” – Once

you have suffered enough
and warred with yourself
it’s time that you won

Sometimes it feels like all is lost, but you can always pick yourself up. You deserve it.

7 Motivational Broadway Songs for When You Gotta Fight

Listen until your blood starts to boil with purpose. Then get up and wave that red flag.

I also want to know: which showtunes motivate you the most?


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