7 Simple Ways to Add Sparkle


Nov 27 2018

Gold Tape

7 Simple Ways to Add Sparkle


Take your tea at a fancy hotel bar.
You don’t have to be a hotel guest, and you don’t need to go for the full High Tea experience.
Waltz into the fanciest hotel in town and order a simple cuppa
For only a bit more than the Starbucks round the corner.


Sparkle over a chipped manicure.
Add a coat of glitter polish. No one will every know.


Wear statement jewellery to watch Gossip Girl in your pajamas.
And drink your tap water in your finest cocktail glasses.
(My mom and I do this!)


Stargaze in your backyard.
It wasn’t til puppy training took us outside regularly, at all hours of the day
that we noticed how brightly the stars shine
in our back garden


Sub in a gel pen.
Every now and then, write with a super sparkly pen.


Add an emoji.
Decorate your digital folders (and blog posts…) with emojis that sparkle.


Notice it.
Today, search for Sparkle in your surroundings.
When you pay attention, it will appear.



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