7 Ways to Add Play to Your Day


Dec 25 2018

Gold Tape

7 Ways to Add Play to Your Day


Play dress up.
Pick a character you admire and use their wardrobe as inspiration when you get dressed for the day.


Turn chores into Survivor challenges.
Xandra filling up her humidifier bucket! Time to pick it up!


Invent a game on a shopping trip.
Steve and I survived Black Friday by playing ‘What’s the most American thing in this shop?’


Sing out loud.
Put on a showtune you know by heart and sing it out like you’re auditioning for Broadway.


Guess first.
Before getting out your phone to look something up, make a guess. Ask those around you. Turn the unknown into a guessing game.


Give yourself a gold star.
If, like me, you have an envelope full of stickers waiting for the right occasion, select one for yourself now. What are you awarding yourself today?


Play an instrument.
Dust off your guitar, keyboard, or recorder, and play a tune! The objective is not to get the notes right. This jam sesh is about play.

and a bonus one…

Press play on my annual Christmas mix!
Every year, I curate a mix of Christmas songs. Here’s Volumes 1-4 to enjoy!


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