7 Ways to Freshen Up


Apr 01 2019

Gold Tape

7 Ways to Freshen Up

Dear Reader,

As much I cherish the wrapped up warmth of thick wool blankets and crackling fires, I am ready for a change – a fresh start. 

How about you? If so, here are 7 ways to freshen up:


Order something other than your usual.
To try something new, but also to surprise your favourite barista.  Americano? No?!  Enjoy lighting their eyes up in surprise. ;)


Spritz water.
My favourite beauty product: Avène Eau Thermale. It’s just water. For mornings, and long journeys. 


Enjoy the fragrance of a book.
There is no smell quite like the original US hardcover editions of the Harry Potter series. What’s your favourite book to smell? I’m certain I’m not alone. This is a thing.


Rewrite your to do list instead of letting it roll over forever.I write a fresh one each week. Give yourself the gift of a fresh start.  


Clean your glasses.
Un-smudge your gaze, my fellow four-eyes.


Turn the page.
Listen to it crinkle and smooth.


Smell fruit at the supermarket.
A tip from a Whole Foods cooking class: Fruit that smells flavourful will taste good too. I smell peaches and citrus.



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