7 Ways to Glow


Apr 29 2019

Gold Tape

7 Ways to Glow

Dear Reader,

Glow is the warmth we share: in nature, in light, in what we give and what we receive.

7 Ways to Light Up Your Life Like a Glow Stick:



Let your eyes linger
on something beautiful.

It will start to shine, if you give it a moment of your time.



Ask someone about their Obsession.

Watch them light up with joy, and catch the contagion of their excitement.



Bring face masks while traveling.

A hydration habit, supplemented with drinking lots of water.



Play photobooth on Instagram
The glow is not in what covers your face,
but in your reaction of surprise and delight.


Feel the glow of a flame.
A match, a candle, the fire. Feel the texture of its warmth.
(But don’t touch don’t touch)



Seek neon lighting,
and it will appear in unexpected places.

Appreciate its exquisite illumination.



Add stars.
Hang up glow-in-the-dark constellations on your wall.
I did this at uni, including an original, the star penguin.



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