A Few Mistakes Ago


Apr 18 2022

Gold Tape

Hello Reader,

Cracking open a new notebook brings with it the relief of a fresh start. A new beginning offers opportunity to do it better this time. But there is a preciousness around pristine pages, soon to be tainted with handwritten typos, eraser smudges, and spots of spilled coffee.

It’s been a few months since I set up my 2022 Passion Planner, and I’ve made plenty of mistakes – on its pages and in life 😀. But as Taylor Swift reminded me, those mistakes flew me to places I’ve never been. I had to go there to gain the knowledge I have now.

If I could start this year over in my planner, here’s what I would do differently. The good new is, it isn’t too late.


P.S. Reader, I joined TikTok. 🙊 You can find daily guidance channeled through Taylor Swift songs at https://www.tiktok.com/@heroinetraining 🌟

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