A is for ARTIST


Sep 10 2019

Gold Tape

A is for Artist

a poem

In kindergarten we wrote acrostic poems to spell our names.
The first A in ALEXANDRA was for ARTIST, Obviously. Easy.

When a kid calls herself An Artist, it’s impressive, adorable.
For an adult, it’s complex, loaded, tangled in confusion – do I count as A Poet?
questions about qualifications, certifications, cold hard cash.

I like the term Artist, as an embodiment.
it transcends form through joy: writing, but also music,
photography, collaging, doodling
my dog, dancing as

Every day we create our lives,
We choose what to keep, interpret, emphasise,
Blurring the world beyond the boxes, oppositions,
Painting the world with more colours and shades, even if you don’t know how to properly hold a brush.
Science keeps us alive. Art is how we live.
It’s not a contest, we’re all artists, you and i.



This poem is inspired by The Art Life, a new podcast and emerging philosophy with Grace Gordon and me, Xandra Robinson-Burns. Episode 1 is now available for Heroine Training Patrons. Join for as little as $1 to support my Art, read secret stories behind my notebook pages, and more.

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