A Jane Austen-Worthy Walk


Apr 06 2015

Gold Tape

A Jane Austen-Worthy Walk

When the Tilneys and Catherine finally have their walk – and by the way, in this century, why do we not schedule more outings based around something as simple and pleasant as a walk? – the banter is back, and we fall in love with both Tilneys all over again.

A Jane Austen-Worthy Walk

Well, reader, I am pleased to report that in the midst of all my Jane Austen letter-writing, I did indeed go for a pleasant walk with Monkey and his family in the Pentlands. It was an enjoyable, refreshing afternoon, and the pub lunch afterwards felt properly deserved.

A Jane Austen-Worthy Walk

All good walks involve fields dotted with sheep.


Find a lovely nature-ful path near you and schedule an afternoon walk! Share your adventures and favourite walks in the comments :)

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