a Taylor Swift Concert Every Day


Sep 21 2015

Gold Tape

a Taylor Swift Concert Every Day

My friend Kat and I are birthday neighbours, and promised each other that instead of presents, we would go see a Taylor Swift concert together when the time was right. Kat was in exams when the RED tour came round, so we’ve had to wait a while, but oh was it worth it.

a Taylor Swift Concert Every Day

Every year for Lumos Your Life I run through the Perfect Day exercise – detailing my ideal every day from morning to night. For the most part my Perfect Day is achievable if I commit to it – I work hard and play mildly, after all. In June, though, as the sun set on Hyde Park and the lights rose on Taylor Swift to the opening beat of “Welcome to New York”, I modified my wishes.

I wouldn’t mind going to a Taylor Swift concert every night. I really wouldn’t.

I sing through the whole 1989 album most mornings anyway, so it was a heightened experience of that, in a crowd of hyper-excitable fans, with Taylor herself at the forefront in her great, sometimes illuminated outfits.


Taylor’s friends say hanging out with her is like an adventure.

What does that mean? I want hanging out with me to be like an adventure! Perhaps I should stock my guest room with Victorian nightgowns and my friends’ favourite snacks. If I had a guest room, that is.

Taylor has the unparalleled ability to articulate human feelings. Except, perhaps, for Jane Austen – I wonder what Jane Austen’s Tumblr would be like. Taylor’s concert laces together the familiar tunes we Swifities can sing in our sleep with surprises, like her infamous guests/besties, and tear-jerking (just me?) pep talks about believing in yourself.


After the concert, Kat and I did look up tickets to Dublin to follow Taylor to her next destination in two days’ time (it was unsurprisingly sold out. But we did look.). We will definitely be in attendance the next time she rocks out in the UK.

In the meantime, I aim to create a Taylor Swift concert in my heart every day, and not just by singing the music.

I want to create content as full, authentic, and fun as Taylor’s music. I want to present it to you every day in a sparkling aspirational bundle that will inspire you to be your own heroine as much as Taylor inspires me to be mine. I want to cherish my best friends like Taylor does hers, to make everyone feel special and important and not alone.


P.S. how to polaroid like TSwift

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