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a real-life fantasy world

a real-life fantasy world

When I was fifteen, I visited Oxford for the first time. I was enchanted by the place that inspired Narnia, Wonderland, and Middle Earth (to name a few), and made it my mission to return one day as a student. ✨

And so I did. I moved across the pond for an undergraduate degree in English at the University of Oxford. 📚Living in this magical place shaped me as a writer, of course, but also as a mini adventurer.

Oxford taught me to seek portals to fantasy worlds, wherever I am. 🗝 I was surprised to find little hints of magic even outside this wondrous little city – as far away as the familiar suburbs that I came from.

Going to Oxford was the first big thing that I knew for certain I really really wanted. I worked as hard as I could, and developed a personal process for achieving my dreams. It was also the only thing that I sought with unquestioned fervour. Once I arrived I learned what it was like to live my dream on a daily basis. What’s left when I have everything I ever wished for? 🤷🏻‍♀️

At Oxford I got to write essays, over and over again, for three years. They were academic, literary essays, but I loved the medium nonetheless, and what I learned about my writing process holds up today. In my final year, the focus shifted more towards performing well on exams, and I could feel the dreamy part of the place fading away. I knew that I needed a personal project to fill me up with inspiration on top of my degree, so I founded my first website: Fashionably Light. 💗

Fashionably Light

Fashionably Light

Iwas obsessed with minimalism, first in theory, and when it came to moving across the ocean, I adopted it in practice. I was very much a fan of not having to lug so much stuff through Heathrow Airport several times a year. ✈️ I was also still learning how to reconcile that with my colourful, feminine lifestyle, when all the examples I saw online were in black and white.🌷

During my third year at university, I published a blog post every day. I gave myself a daily deadline, and a maximum of 150 words. 📖I look back at many of these posts with reverence – wow, I was so wise. I look back at others like eek what was I thinking. I’ve kept all of them there, the brilliant blogs and the cringe-y ones, alike. They’re all part of my heroine’s journey, and it’s pretty cool to have such a comprehensive log of my consciousness. 💖

After graduating I did what I saw other minimalist writers doing online. I published an ebook about minimalism. I had so much to say about simplicity and decluttering, it all spilled out. But something was missing. I kept asking myself why it’s important to declutter, why I was compelled to be A Minimalist. The answer I settled on is this: to be my own heroine. When I clear away the clutter, when I’m left with only what I truly love, I am my own heroine. So Fashionably Light became Heroine Training. 👑



Fun Fact: As a senior in high school, I loved writing college essays. 😆 I loved doing SAT practice essays. And I loved Ralph Waldo Emerson.

For years I searched for the perfect copy of Emerson’s essays. I finally found it on display at Brickback Books in Philadelphia during a wander with my friend Grace (we recount this story on our podcast, The Art Life). In the Introduction, Irwin Edman defines ‘the essay’ as an artform:

‘The essay is an adventure in ideas, an exploration of a theme, a sortie of reflection… The essay is an idea reflected through a personal medium.’ 📜

How exciting is that?!

Each of my essays is an adventure in ideas, an in-depth exploration of my personal experience, in the present moment. I am obsessed with gathering inspiration from whatever piques my interest: in books, on tv, from my travels. I understand myself through what I enjoy for fun, and write about everything from Marvel movies to Middle English (I mean check out this literary life hack from 2013).

i believe…

  • fiction is not an escape – it’s a way through.
  • there is wisdom and something to learn in everything you do for fun.
  • we must be the heroines of our own stories.

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