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Secret Garden Sessions

When you first signed up for my Patreon, you should have received an email with the subject 'Here are some rewards to go along with your pledge to Heroine Training.'

The email looks like this:

That's the link you'll need to add to the podcast player. You'll need to copy-paste it, so open this email up on your phone, or text the link to yourself :)

Patreon will personalise your feed to include which shows are included in your tier.

Here are screenshot tutorials for Apple Podcasts and Overcast. If you use a different app, or still need help, let me know!

If you use Apple Podcasts:

1. Open the app and select Library. Then select Edit.
2. Select Add a Podcast by URL.
3. Paste your link from the email and Subscribe. Done!

If you use Overcast:

1. Open the app to the homepage. Tap the + to add a podcast.
2. Tap Add URL.
3. Paste your URL from the email. Done!

Still need help?

Email xandra@heroinetraining.com