Adding Crystals and Other Magic


Aug 27 2014

Gold Tape

Adding Crystals and Other Magic

I wrote my birthday list as the clock struck midnight on my birthday, and little did I know, I would be making progress on it by the end of the day. 

Clear Quartz from the Fairy Shop

With some extra time to spare in Boston on the day of celebrations, I requested a stop by The Fairy Shop to say hello and goodbye before jetting across the ocean. Coincidentally, Michael had just started stocking crystals again, even though I had never seen them there before. I selected an über magical clear quartz pendant, which was sprinkled with fairy dust before being tucked away.

Adding Crystals and Other Magic

Strawberry Quartz from the Astrology Shop

We happened to choose a restaurant in London right next door to the Astrology Shop, so I had to collect a crystal here too. I chose the one that drew me the most, then read the description of its properties. It is the perfect crystal to keep in my pocket to relieve travel stress and fill my heart with hope.

Adding Crystals and Other Magic

Aquamarine from Amsterdam

I found this beautiful bracelet at The New Label Project in Amsterdam. Now that I’m looking for crystals, I spy them everywhere. This particular bracelet by Ish Jewels is called Blue Ice Flower, and is a symbol of self-wisdom, energy, and courage.

Adding Crystals and Other Magic

And some crystals for you!

Do you want to add magic into your life? I have been working on a very special project. My life’s work, perhaps.

Blogwarts is a course based on the values we can learn from fantasy, literature, and believing in magic, structured by the Hogwarts houses and taught alongside some inspiring and talented ladies. I am so excited to work with the wonderful group of students we have already admitted, and I hope that you will join us! Wizard school is within reach. Heroines who wish for training, this is for you. Magic crystals, Hogwarts letters, and extra wishes coming your way. 

With these crystal phials, you will receive a 20% discount on your admission! All you have to do is mention it in your application. Hurry – applications due 29 August.

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