A Glad Note

A Glad Note

Susan Burns

I believe that everyone should own personalized notes.

I'll help you pick out the design that's right for you, or as a perfect gift for a loved one.

I partner with the best stationery designers, stocking millions of options - but that's overwhelming to browse! I work 1:1 with you, narrowing down their many offerings to your taste. I'm like your personal stylist for paper notes.

Also, with no retail overhead, and knowledge of when the best sales are happening, I'll help you save money too. I can work with all budgets!

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Find the perfect notes for yourself or a loved one. Don't worry about describing exactly what you need just yet - I'll help you get there! All you need is a recipient in mind. Who is the gift for? (It can be for yourself!)

Or email: papertreesusan@gmail.com

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About Me

I started my stationery business in 1990 as a way to stay home with my newborn daughter Alexandra. Our dining room was lined with huge binders of samples to show clients - the first of which came over for a consultation when Alexandra was 5 days old!

While most stationery companies have moved online, you don't even have to drive to my dining room. We can have virtual consultations, over phone or email.

Why 'A Glad Note'?

When I moved to the United States from South Korea as a kid, I could barely understand my teachers. But when a teacher handed me a handwritten note with a smile on it, I knew that it was a good thing! This 'glad note' is a universal gesture of kindness.

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