All I Want for Christmas is These 2 Things


Dec 09 2021

Gold Tape

Dear Reader,

The plan was to write a list of my favourite holiday things to enjoy this December. I soon realised:

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
there is just one thing I need
I’ll be reading Little Women
with Dash & Lily on tv


Sure, I could bulk out that list with more seasonal things I enjoy. But that’s it! That’s what I’m excited about right now!

With Christmas come the crowds, the consumerism, the excess of things to coordinate and pressure to celebrate. My favourite traditions involve taking time to myself, connecting with stories in which I feel seen.

Ah, Dash & Lily, a show I knew right away I’d be rewatching. I relate so much to both characters, and the very premise of this show: clues in a notebook tucked in a bookshop. I’m an optimistic journal-writer like Lily, but also annoyingly pedantic like Dash 😆 I’m so ready to curl up and hang out with these two again!

I also have a December-ly tradition to reread Little Women, even if it’s just a few of my favourite chapters. I am so grounded by its simplicity, morals, and creative fervour! While I’m obviously writerly, theatrical Jo, I’m also fancy like Meg, expressive like Amy, and musical like Beth. All the while aspiring to be as considered and caring as Marmee! 

How about you? What do you REALLY feel like delving into this time of year?

And if you’d like, join me! Let me know if you want to read Little Women or watch Dash & Lily too :)

Until the Next Chapter,


P.S. A new chapter in Everyday Wonderland has just begun, and it’s not too late to join! This month, our mission is Thank Your Lucky Stars. Each week, I’m sending one-minute calls to adventure on how to enjoy practicing gratitude, and feel extra lucky this month :)

P.P.S. Obviously, I’ve also got evermore on repeat, and I’m building a Swiftmas playlist. I’m also loving doing Tarot Swift Readings – you can sign up for one here! And speaking of evermore, I’ll be hanging this banner I made last year:

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