my Alter Ego, Princess Xandra the Bold


May 25 2016

Gold Tape

my Alter Ego, Princess Xandra the Bold

What is a heroine in training?

She is you, and me.

Being a heroine [or hero] in training means that you are in the process of owning your adventure in life.

For me, it’s embracing my role as a storybook heroine, and enjoying living as my character. The fun part? I get to write her however I like.

You may have noticed my recent Twitter #missadventure project, narrating my daily life. I borrowed the hashtag from Kate Spade’s web series in which well-dressed women do fabulous things with quirky, endearing missteps along the way [including a PUPPY. I have watched this so many times…].  I added my own character, #xandrathebold.

With social media, we literally tell our own stories.

So before I compose a tweet, I think, how do I want my character to be introduced by the narrator? 

Since I pretty much live in alternating Kate Spade dresses alreaaady, I thought I ought to live up to the part for which I am already costumed: my best self, excellently quick, curious, playful, and strong. 

The book Style Statement helped my hone my personal style into “bold adorable”: a “bold” foundation with an “adorable” creative edge.

Did I stop there? No. 

my Alter Ego, Princess Xandra the Bold

Introducing my Alter Ego, Princess Xandra the Bold

In my book I talk about shortening my name to Xandra. My full name, which I love, is Alexandra. But I would feel a twinge of annoyance when people called me “Alex”. Alex is a cool name. I love it on other people. It’s just not me.

I literally got out pen and paper and wrote out all the configurations of “Alexandra” I could think of, and felt pretty awesome about “Xandra”. Kind of intimidated, actually. Introducing myself as “Xandra” felt bigger than me, cooler than me. It’s my superhero name, my Sasha Fierce. 

Princess Xandra the Bold

is a strong, warrior lady, protector of the written word, advocate for the stage. She inhabits Old Town, Edinburgh, neighbouring the castle, and climbs mountains in the Scottish Highlands. 

The coolest thing about my fantastical bio? It’s all true!

my Alter Ego, Princess Xandra the Bold

…and Madame Adorable

Madame Adorable is my “at home” persona, inspired by the Madame Chic books. I love how Jennifer L. Scott writes about the lessons she learned in Paris from “Madame Chic”, her quintessential French hostess. Madame Chic’s style is sophisticated, while Madame Bohemienne is more of a fabulous free spirit. I love both! But I’m not quite either. I am Madame Adorable.

Madame Chic has her elegant formal dinners, Madame Bohemienne hosts wild parties, and I, Madame Adorable, host Disney-themed teas. 

Madame Alexandra Adorable’s

table is stocked with a vase of crayons and paper for creating tiny masterpieces for the gallery. Her kitchen is inhabited by a menagerie of animal-shaped implements. She stays on task by using pink highlighters for motivation, as well as the occasional sticker. Her soirées involve board games, themed food, and candids on her bedazzled Instax.

my Alter Ego, Princess Xandra the Bold

flowers: custom crown & glory x rocknroll bride | jacket: barbour | dress, bracelet: kate spade | boots: ted & muffy | photographer who included his own shadow in the picture: monkey

I love playing the part of Myself. Do you?


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