Am I Still a Minimalist?


Sep 09 2016

Gold Tape

Am I Still a Minimalist?

I started blogging to record of my “less stuff, more sparkle” minimalist journey. At the time, minimalism was not the popular movement it is now, so I felt the need to explain my purposeful choices and reflect on them to better understand the shifts in my life due to committing to simple living.

Writing my book was the turning point for me, when I realised that being a minimalist was not enough; that I felt more fulfilled by taking the process a step further and deciding to be my own heroine. It’s not just about letting less stuff into my life, but about how everything I own is a part of my heroine’s journey.

Top 5 Minimalist things I do

I don’t think about minimalism as consciously as I used to, because my beliefs and practices have become ingrained. Sometimes I forget that certain habits of mine are considered “minimalist” – so in this video I challenged myself to bring up some examples :)

HTtv: Heroine Training television

This is also the first episode of HTtv: Heroine Training television! You can expect new episodes every Friday at 5pm BST. I’ll be continuing my planning and Stories videos as usual, plus I’ll be adding more Harry Potter songs, and interviews with inspiring individuals.

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