An Alternative to Looking Things Up Online


Jan 01 2019

Gold Tape

An Alternative to Looking Things Up Online

A little while before Christmas, Steve and I talked about how my family goes to the movies on Christmas Day. This tradition doesn’t work so well in the UK, where cinemas are closed, but we thought maybe Boxing Day would work out.

We could have looked up the times online and known immediately. But on Christmas Eve I was going to be over by the Cameo, one of my favourite cinemas in town. 

And so, I enjoyed the anticipation of wondering what would be on. I spent those minutes I was going to spend anyway in the most delightful, curious way: walking an extra three minutes around the corner to pick up a paper brochure. 

At home we looked at the listings together and made our Boxing Day selection (Green Book – my new favourite Christmas movie, as part of it takes place on Christmas. technically.). 

Delaying gratification of knowing what movies were on, and spending maybe an extra minute going inside the lobby to collect a brochure is what I call a Mini Adventure.

If you can spare one minute each week towards turning your life into a series of mini adventures, join me in Everyday Wonderland.

Each week I send you a digital postcard with a 1-minute call to adventure that will add play to your daily life (Play is our theme for the month of January!). 

The gates close tonight (at midnight of course). Join me for $7/month.

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