An Epiphany from Almost Missing Yoga Class


Feb 02 2019

Gold Tape

A week ago, I looked at the clock and realised that my restorative yoga class was starting in ten minutes – and it was a ten minute walk away. 



My forehead flooded with panic*. 

I considered cancelling and swallowing the late fee. 

In a split second, I decided to make a mini adventure out of getting there on time. 

I’d been preparing for our month of Simplicity in Everyday Wonderland, and so, as I yanked on my yoga pants, I asked myself, ‘How can I make this simpler?’ 

It occurred to me that I didn’t need to change my top. No need to wear yoga clothes just because I was going to a yoga class. 

I didn’t need to put on socks. I could wear my new Allbirds sneakers – made of wool, with no socks necessary. 

And so I jogged to yoga, arrived in plenty of time, and discovered that I don’t need to wear skin-tight apparel to go to yoga! In fact, I could have worn my trousers too.

From the crisis arose a solution, that was both simple and delightfully cheeky.

A flowy, daily life sleeve at the gym? Yes please. In fact, I will be repeating this (perhaps without the jog next time). 

Why not go to yoga in flowy sleeves? 

Why not go hillwalking in a dress? 

Why not wear a collared pajama top to the coffeeshop, with a smart jumper and a statement necklace over it? 

Why not wear high heels to the bouldering gym? You’re just going to change when you’re there anyway…

In Everyday Wonderland, I show you to turn obstacles into mini adventures in one minute per week (And often – mini adventuring can save you time!). 

Will I see you in Everyday Wonderland? 


*I realise this sounds like a line out of Harry Potter. No, I don’t have a scar on my forehead (a birthmark though!), but I did feel panic there!

P.S. The above photo of me was taken by Ollie Annand at the Rebel Heroine Retreat last summer!

For more on daily life dreaming, join me in Everyday Wonderland, my weekly one-minute programme for finding magic in your daily life, away from screens.

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