Annual Winter Style Project


Dec 05 2018

Gold Tape

Annual Winter Style ProjectI have two survival tactics for the cold, dark Edinburgh winter.

One is to go south for the winter.

At least a little bit. London counts. Paris counts. Last year we went to Gran Canaria, and this year we’re going to Orlando. We’re getting better at this.

The other is to have a Winter Style Project.

Once again, I was admiring the fashion on Gossip Girl.

If only I had a cape, thought I. This would all be worth it if I had a cape.

And so I made it my project to find a cape.

I shopped around and happened to find a lovely lavender one that was on sale. This was such a sartorial success that I decided to make it an annual project.

Each year I invest in one warm wardrobe addition that will improve my wellbeing.

For four years now, I’ve decided what kind of piece I need, made mini adventures out of researching extensively, and saved up.


Annual Winter Style Project

I knew I wanted and needed a hat, but I wasn’t sure what kind. I was thinking like, a warm hat, but the Pinterest board I made told me otherwise…

The best way to find the perfect hat was to try them on. On my Halloween trip to London, I browsed tiny boutiques and the fanciest of department stores. Back home, my friend and I had a hat date trying on pieces at the local milliner, Fabhatrix, where I found the hat!


Annual Winter Style Project

The scarf proved far simpler than the hat. I found exactly what I wanted (for a tenner!) at Armstrongs, coincidentally located a few doors down from Fabhatrix. When in Edinburgh, shop on Grassmarket!


Annual Winter Style Project

I’ve been a fan of fingerless gloves fashion since Sweeney Todd, and they are also quite practical. I’m often outdoors in the cold, but wanting to use my fingers for photography and selecting just the right song as my urban soundtrack.

I’ve gone through two pairs of wrist warmers from Godiva (yet another Grassmarket gem!), but they’re no longer available, so I started looking around. I found this pair when I was in Boston for Thanksgiving.


Shop mindfully, with a special occasion* in mind.

What statement piece is both practical and glam?

Identify your Style Project and enjoy the hunt.

* ‘Bleak winter’ counts as a special occasion.


P.S. Unrelated, but pertinent: I’m compiling songs for my annual Christmas mix. What are your favourites? (I suppose this is somewhat related, as my other winter project!)

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