April’s Tiny Tweak: Learning Meditation

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Apr 03 2014

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April's Tiny Tweak: Learning Meditation

Each month, I tackle a new habit.

I’ve been doing this for a while now, and I’m running out of habits that I want to try. But I realized this: when I skip a month, all of my habits become rusty. 

Focus on one habit. No more, no less.

It doesn’t matter what it is. Accomplishing one tiny task each day puts me on a roll: suddenly, all my other habits are falling into place too.

Why I’m Meditating this Month

Lately, I’ve been starting my mornings by reading a new ZenHabits article. I set the browser to full screen and devote my attention to the article.

It has been really effective, so I’m taking it a step further. I signed up the the Sea Change Program, Leo’s habit-building course. April’s focus is meditation, which is the one minimalist game-changer I have yet to try. [Yoga, running, and vegetarianism have transformed my life in the best way. Am I leaving any out? Oh yeah, writing! That has too.].

In the beginning, I will be meditating for two minutes a day. The time will increase over the month. I hope that it will help me to be more calm, mindful, and patient, and less frantic and stressed. 

Are you working on a habit this month? Let’s be accountability buddies. If you sign up for the Sea Change Program, you can join my Minimalist accountability team! [No affiliate links; Leo doesn’t do stuff like that. I just like having minimalist buddies!].

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