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Every Post on Heroine Training

I wrote this essay by accident. I just wanted to share my friends’ books. I've been off social media for nine months. Here's how I imagine my life would be if I were still on it.

If I Were on Social Media

Apr 20 2021

Last autumn, we witnessed the perfect night sky in Moray, and drew a cutoff line due to cold.

Literary Cottage Log 4: Timing

Mar 23 2021

This essay is about my love of music, and my yearning for a more private and tactile listening experience. (This was published in February 2020 and Remastered in February 2021.)

A Stack of CDs – Remastered 2021

Feb 16 2021

I tell the story of how The Kate Spade Company plagiarised my work, and what bothered me about it the most. Content Warning: suicide, depression.

Empty Words

Feb 02 2021

A Flashback to Edinburgh 2011, and pilgrimages past.

Literary Cottage Log 3: Pilgrimages Past

Jan 26 2021

As I apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, I reflect on my ten years as an immigrant, including the concept of belonging, mixed race identity, and that so-called American passion — with allusions to my favourite parts of British culture along the way.

Life in the UK

Jan 12 2021

Hi Reader! Here are my favourite chapters of 2020: In January, I set my ‘famous enough’ goal in a grounding essay, Good Thing I’m Not Famous. I wrote A Stack of CD’s, about my longing for the simplicity of analog media. It’s one of those essays that I felt like I had written before, but […]

Heroine Training Best of 2020

Jan 05 2021

In Literary Cottage Log 1, Glencoe led us to Callander. Here’s what we found there.

Literary Cottage Log 2: Take Me to the Lochs

Nov 24 2020

A poem about my favorite colors.

Favorite Colors

Nov 10 2020