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Ticket Quantity: 1

Jan 25 2022

For a few years, my author friend Siobhan and I have been meeting every month for Writers’ Drinks (her novel, Half Life, is Greek gods + zombie apocalypse!). We go somewhere nice to discuss our creative projects and manifestations. This year, we’re shifting from accountability to celebration! To prepare, I asked myself, What are we […]

What I’m Celebrating: January 2022

Jan 19 2022

an unlocked postcard from Everyday Wonderland ✨

Shoot for the Moon 🚀 (unlocked!)

Jan 11 2022

An Epilogue to my last Literary Cottage Log on the end of my marriage

Regrets from a Breakup

Jan 04 2022

Happy Capricorn season! 😃 The end of one year and the beginning of the next one is my favourite holiday season: ah, New Year’s, when everyone celebrates personal development! 🎉I’m often asked what I do to set up for the new year. I have some favourite rituals, and I’m excited to share them with you. […]

Your Dreamy New Year

Dec 21 2021

The plan was to write a list of my favourite holiday things to enjoy this December. I soon realised:I don’t want a lot for Christmasthere is just one thing I needI’ll be reading Little Womenwith Dash & Lily on tv!Sure, I could bulk out that list with more seasonal things I enjoy. But that’s it! […]

All I Want for Christmas is These 2 Things

Dec 09 2021

In this surprise ending to the Literary Cottage Log series, I break up with a dream, end my marriage, and regain my best friend. Based on the honest and bold conversations described within, this chapter is co-authored by Steve Robinson-Burns.

Literary Cottage Log Finale: Best Friends at the Edge of the Forest

Seven years ago, I was given my first Passion Planner. Every year since, I’ve returned. Never before had I found a system that encourages me to prioritise personal projects as well as professional ones.I keep returning to Passion Planner because it has a perfect balance of structure and flexibility. You can use as much or […]

Ultimate Passion Planner Guide!

Oct 26 2021

While touring Scotland for places to live, Wales kept coming up as a maybe: the cliffside climbs of Pembroke, the community-supported agriculture of Carmarthenshire. It would be that much warmer. The vegetable growing options would, well, grow. A few months after travel restrictions lifted beyond the Scottish Borders, we planned our excursion to Wales. We […]

Can’t Have a Cottage Without…

Oct 19 2021