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Every Post on Heroine Training

A year late response to 'The Happy Tragedy of Being Woke', a play that has nudged me every day since Friday 16 August, 2019.


Jun 23 2020

Dear Reader, Today I am spending less time writing about myself and more time educating myself. Today I ordered these books, bookmarked a lot of articles, and am now logging off to actually read them, then preserve my mental health so I can show up to fight again. And again and again. Until the Next […]

Anti-Racist Reading List

Jun 01 2020

I was in the back seat, on my way to Logan Airport. About to begin my final year at Oxford, my mind was fixated on a new personal project. For the longest time, I remembered that moment with a chuckle at my overachievement: Classic me, creating more work for myself on top of finals! But I’m […]


May 29 2020

I’ve been feeling nostalgic for 2012, when I wrote and published a new post each day, under the simple format of one photo and 150 words max. The premise: I don’t have it all figured out, and the journey is worth chronicling. This concept evolved into Heroine Training. These days, I’ve been publishing the ah-ha […]


May 27 2020

A Poem by Xandra Robinson-Burns and Jonathan Larson HOW DO YOU MEASURE THE WEEKS IN A LIFE? in playlists in Sims games in phone calls in homebrew coffee in rainbows in yoga class zoom invites P.S. More verses to come, probably. How do you measure the weeks in your life? P.P.S. Here’s my other quarantine […]

How Do You Measure

May 26 2020

psst – the books in the background are mentioned in my latest essay, In Every Step

3 Ways I’m Using My Planner in a Global Pandemic

May 22 2020

In which I fret over my commute to the yoga mat, confront consumerist habits, and embody wisdom from Aerosmith and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Dear Reader, In December, I took up a restorative yoga practice at a lovely studio down the road. Walking home from the class, I would feel all cosy and calm, ready to […]

In Every Step

May 13 2020

a poem I’m swollen with happiness floaty and cheerful probably pink But it only takes a pinprick — a micro-reminder — Not everyone is okay. I pop Sorry for my self-indulgence, Blob. It’s worse right now but all the time true I value Depression — an overcorrection? Too often too cautious of being okay. We […]

Feelings Balloon

Apr 28 2020

What do Mulan, Gossip Girl, and Letters From Jane Austen have in common? They’re all getting 2020 reboots! A few years ago, I embarked on a Jane Austen reread, covering all six novels in a year, and writing a letter for each week. I’ve been revisiting the project, and am so excited to announce to […]

Letters From Jane Austen is Back!

Apr 24 2020