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An essay about my New Year’s intention to Enjoy Reading — how I finished fewer books, but enjoyed myself more than ever.  Dear Reader, Reading has been part of my identity for as long as I can remember. For most of my life, I’ve tried to live up to the title by quantifying goals. Each […]

Enjoy Reading

Dec 24 2019

Ode to My Cold a poem (but not medical advice)   honey lemon ginger honey lemon ginger honey lemon ginger All day long It’s a honey lemon ginger honey lemon ginger honey lemon ginger marathon P.S. Full disclosure: In this photo I do not have a cold, and I am drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte. […]

Ode to My Cold

Dec 17 2019

An essay about makeup as an artist’s ritual, my hesitations with femininity, and a minimalist’s desire to learn to use the tools she owns. Dear Reader, Like most things in my studious life, my interest in makeup began with a class. I love to learn, especially in an organised fashion! A couple of Decembers ago, […]

12 Days of Eyeshadow

Dec 10 2019

a personal development poem I write down my goals and habits every day writing them is patience, tells my brain to make them stay tells my wishes: come my way. P.S. Thank you to Heroine Training patrons and members of Everyday Wonderland, who make my writing possible. A new month in Everyday Wonderland begins tomorrow, […]

Write It Down

Dec 03 2019

This essay is about following your dreams, even if you’re already living in one. I share the story of how I journeyed to Oxford, and this fall, how I discovered a new fantasy in New York. Dear Reader, I’ve told this story before but it’s an important one. It’s the story of how, when I […]

Entertaining the Fantasy

Nov 26 2019

a poem/vignette Dear Reader, I’m not a Perfectionist. Perfect implies an endpoint. I don’t believe in perfect. I believe in the possibility of improvement. It can always be better, I will never be satisfied, I’m an exhausting kind of optimist. I tutored a fifth grader in writing. He kept bringing back his paragraph, I kept […]

Not a Perfectionist

Nov 12 2019

an essay Dear Reader, Often the best teachers are those who have just mastered their subject, because they remember what it’s like to learn it. When I try to teach something I learned years ago, I overcomplicate or don’t give enough guidance, because I’ve lost sight of the struggles. My life is a series of […]

Art Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Nov 05 2019

three poems Read Like Jess? a Gilmore girls poem I feel so Jess Mariano, folding back the book cover, leaning over for a note i want to pen in the margins. The note is a smiley face. I don’t feel like Jess Mariano anymore Or do I?   Park Bench Person a poem I’m starting […]

Park Bench Person

Oct 22 2019

An Essay Dear Reader, At five years old I felt awkwardly underrepresented by the media, younger than the youngest member of The Brady Bunch. Cindy Brady was the tiny one, but I was even tinier. Younger than Karen Brewer, Baby-Sitter’s Little Sister. At five years old I knew that ‘five years old’ sounded very, very young. Even […]

Youngest Cast Member Award

Oct 15 2019