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Bold Digital Boundaries

Jul 29 2021

Dear Reader, “According to my birth certificate, I turn 30 this year,” wrote Taylor Swift in the pages of the April 2019 issue of Elle magazine, followed by a list of 30 lessons she learned before reaching 30. I cut and pasted that article into my collage book to reread and study, knowing that I […]

30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30

Jul 20 2021

I'm planning a Rollercoaster Road Trip! But do I even deserve to enjoy myself? (yes). This essay is about articulating dreams, the sense of presence a coaster provides, my love of getting ready, and femininity in a male-dominated fandom.

Rollercoaster Road Trip!

Jun 22 2021

We are dreaming of moving to a cottage in the woods. So what are we waiting for?

Literary Cottage Log 5: Practicing Permanence

May 18 2021

In this Campfire Special of The Art Life, Grace and Xandra report back from their Artist Vacations, and read listeners’ stories. Artist Dates are more about HOW we show up for our inner artist than WHAT we do. The art life is taking the easy road.

Our Artist Dates

May 17 2021

I wrote this essay by accident. I just wanted to share my friends’ books. I've been off social media for nine months. Here's how I imagine my life would be if I were still on it.

If I Were on Social Media

Apr 20 2021

Last autumn, we witnessed the perfect night sky in Moray, and drew a cutoff line due to cold.

Literary Cottage Log 4: Timing

Mar 23 2021

This essay is about my love of music, and my yearning for a more private and tactile listening experience. (This was published in February 2020 and Remastered in February 2021.)

A Stack of CDs – Remastered 2021

Feb 16 2021

I tell the story of how The Kate Spade Company plagiarised my work, and what bothered me about it the most. Content Warning: suicide, depression.

Empty Words

Feb 02 2021