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While touring Scotland for places to live, Wales kept coming up as a maybe: the cliffside climbs of Pembroke, the community-supported agriculture of Carmarthenshire. It would be that much warmer. The vegetable growing options would, well, grow. A few months after travel restrictions lifted beyond the Scottish Borders, we planned our excursion to Wales. We […]

Can’t Have a Cottage Without…

Oct 19 2021

Last week, I took all the books off the shelves, on a massive reorganisation spree. Ah, my happy place: lugging stacks of books into different sections. “Wow, thanks for tidying up the books,” said Steve. I was surprised that he counted this delightful project as a household chore! Reshelving summoned memories of doing so as […]

Is Your Bookshelf Making Reading Less Fun?

Oct 13 2021

Am I still a minimalist? Yes. Here’s why I call myself a minimalist, and some of the weird things I do: I prefer CDs! I quit social media. My phone is black and white. Everything I own has a home. I enjoy what I have. 🗝 Explore Everyday Wonderland: Also mentioned: 🎥 Original ‘Top 5 […]

Top 5 Minimalist Things I Do

Sep 16 2021

when british vogue arrives, out come the scissors, glue, and stack of collaging magazines. i flip to the back of my planner, find a page to paper over, and this happens:     words are my norm, so it feels glittery when my visual side takes over!   but from there, i like to describe. […]

2021 Style Statement: LITERARY VIVID

Sep 14 2021

I was tempted to train for another half marathon. Both times I completed this distance, I said never again, but that was before Run Disney.  If you want me to do something, dangle a rollercoaster in front of me. Half marathon? No way. Half marathon at Disney World? HMMM. But Xandra, said in my inner […]

Theme Park Fitness Challenge

Sep 08 2021

In my Oxford student days, doing work in cafes was still ‘an American thing’. I phrase it that way — “I’m going to do work in a cafe” — because when I said “I’m working in a cafe” people thought I was a part-time barista. There were limited cafe options back then, even in the […]

I Envy Old Men on Turl Street.

Aug 24 2021

an unlocked Everyday Wonderland postcard...

How to Set Bold Digital Boundaries

Jul 29 2021

Dear Reader, “According to my birth certificate, I turn 30 this year,” wrote Taylor Swift in the pages of the April 2019 issue of Elle magazine, followed by a list of 30 lessons she learned before reaching 30. I cut and pasted that article into my collage book to reread and study, knowing that I […]

30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30

Jul 20 2021

I'm planning a Rollercoaster Road Trip! But do I even deserve to enjoy myself? (yes). This essay is about articulating dreams, the sense of presence a coaster provides, my love of getting ready, and femininity in a male-dominated fandom.

Rollercoaster Road Trip!

Jun 22 2021